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Witcher 3 How To Play Gwent With Lambert

Check the inventorys of innkeepers and merchants because some of them will stock cards for your deck. This is a list of all characters who play the card game gwent in the game the witcher 3:

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This quest will fail if not completed before starting reason of state.


Witcher 3 how to play gwent with lambert. He’ll next send you to play against lambert when you get a chance. Always lose the first round, bait the opponent to play as many as cards or his best cards. This quest is only available if vernon roche was played prior to completing a deadly plot, as he is unable to direct you to thaler.

If you missed lambert (after the battle of kaer morhen he leaves the game, never to return) you can still find his special card in the fortress (it's the triss card iirc). Thaler's card should be acquired right after you rescue him from the trolls. Whichever you do not play first geralt will be sent to after, followed by lambert, who must be challenged either during the following the thread quest or while geralt and the others are at kaer morhen together.

After geralt arrived back to kaer morhen, after investigating all leads on ciri, with uma, he went with lambert to. After they hunted the three down, they hunted down jad, and confronted him. Do you not know how to play gwent yet?

With patch 1.08, these cards can be found at locations, typically near where the character resided. Old pals quest can be started by playing either zoltan or roache. Just play some people like lambert or roche.

Innkeepers, merchants, blacksmiths, and some story characters play, and theres a few questlines that lead you to better players, picked up as you progress or through notice boards. This is the part of the quest that will require some patience, as you can only play lambert after you travel to kaer morhen to complete the ugly baby main quest. Lambert is only available for a short time during a side quest following the thread where you’ll meet him or later at kaer morhen.

Talk to him as quickly as possible (if he moves too far away from you he'll disappear to the next quest location) and challenge him to a game of gwent. I guess it's triss which thetrueseto mention above. You dont need to do the skellige gwent deck or whatever you mean.

Note that most players will give a specific skellige card as a reward for beating. Played him at novigrad, got triss merigold's card from him. The earliest you can play lambert is instants after completing his quest 'following the thread'.

Old friends) and the game will eventually send you to kaer morhen and pinpoint the exact location of his card for you (it's next to the beds in km) Read on for information on their locations and. After killing ekimmara and finishing this side quest.

At some point, you will need to play against lambert. Then there's the blast from the past thaler. Playing thaler is a secondary quest in the witcher 3:

Wild hunt guide and walkthrough. Note however that lambert does have a special card that's also part of a gwent quest. Once you’ve beaten lambert in gwent you’ll receive the unique triss merigold card from him.

Dijkstra's card should be gotten before you rescue philippa. † this denotes players that can die or disappear from the game. Might need to start the kaer morhen chain.

I asked him to play right after this 'kill the probably bad guy' quest, and it worked. They'll give you a card if you win. Just do the gwent sidequest starting with the match against zoltan (i think it's called gwent:

The witcher 3 no spoilers please but i would like to return to kaer morhen for the 1 gwent card that seems to be there and to see if i can check up on everybody there (i romanced triss and she returned there but i need her to inspect an artifact for me) There is a part in the main quest where you can play gwent with lambert at kaer morhen, don't really wanna spoil anything, but its awesome boards the witcher 3: The triss card is acquired from him while playing him later at kaer morhen, when spoiler p.s.

This is a complete list of every player, separated by game and regions. Geralt could choose to help lambert kill him or he could stay out of it. Most of them will play gwent.

The rewarded in this quest is unaffected by the ±5 level constraint and difficulty level. Phil_resch 5 years ago #3. The witcher 3's hardest quest is probably collect 'em all, and it behoves us to include detailed instructions as part of our the witcher 3:

Roche gives you the thaler option i think. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. You'll have another chance to win his rare triss card in the main storyline but the earlier the better in case you forget.

However, you can also play with lambert right after completing the quest, just talk to him as he is walking away and he will be available for a match. In order to find lambert you must finish a side quest called following the thread. No that specific card game didn't give me any card and i have the platinum and all cards.

You better talk to lambert and play with him. Lambert's card is acquired when you guys drink together at kaer morhen the same night vesimer takes the ugly baby to try and lift the curse without doing the trials. At first you will not have the option to challenge him to a game of gwent, but after completing the final trial the.

Wild hunt, there are a number of gwent players.

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