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How To Wax A Boat With A Polisher

Usually, this takes around five to ten minutes. First up is orbital operation.

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Start with a clean surface.


How to wax a boat with a polisher. First, you need to clean it thoroughly and then, polish. Do not allow the wax. You can apply polish or wax using an electric buffer or by hand.

In the past i have washed the cowling and waxed it with collinite boat wax no. Finally, once you have covered the entire boat, allow the wax time to set. Traditional polishers spin at a relatively high rate on a single axis.

This can be a difficult choice, what with so many top brands available through chandleries. Buff until the surface looks glassy. Use circular motions to avoid streaks.

How much does it cost to buff and wax a boat? Work in sections of about 2 feet. A soft cloth or polishing pad will suffice as an application tool.

Regardless of whether you use a boat polish or a buffing compound, you'll apply it the same way. I use meguiar's boat wax at least twice a year (probably overkill), but my boat stays looking new throughout the year. Start by giving the boat a good wash:

You'll want to gently apply the polish to the surface of your boat, working in small sections at a time. What is important is to wax your boat often, a couple of times per year to keep it looking like new. The best polish to buy:

Use a soft applicator pad to apply premium boat wax in a circular motion to small areas at a time. A rotary buffer, also called a rotary polisher with a wool pad is ideal for cutting out gel coat oxidation. Using car wax on a boat should not be a problem as there is not much difference between the two.

Tie the polisher's cord and the extension cord into a square knot where they connect to prevent pulling the plug as you move around the boat. When you polish your boat, you will want to start at the back and work towards the bow. After last week’s episode on youtube in which i wax the boat, i got quite a few questions/messages about frida’s magic trick to buff the gelcoat of a boat with rubbing compound without using a buffer machine (or a buffing machine… or polishing machine… i don’t really know how you call them).

This is the spray wax that i use throughout the season. Before you polish or wax. As a general rule, you have to implement two steps before you wax your boat.

For my boat i chose shurhold’s dual action polisher, which oscillates in a variable orbit across two axes. The application of wax seals and protects your polished gelcoat and creatures that luster that we’re all after. After which you can buff the wax again, either by hand with a cloth or using an electric polisher.

Be sure your boat is completely clean and dry before applying any polish or wax. Leave one in one spot for too long and you’ll burn your gelcoat. Depending on your location, it could cost you between $13 to $17 per foot to buff and wax your boat.

If you have an older boat there could be several stages to this process. Things to keep in mind when polishing your boat include: 925, but this alone is not effective in removing the streaks.

If you do, feel free to enlight us in the comment section. You can use a soft cloth by hand or a polishing pad on a buffing tool to apply the compound. I spray and wipe down the boat every day it gets used.

I could not explain why it works. Sealing with a wax or sealant. Your marine editor david lockwood loves his top gear products.

Use a strong detergent to remove old polish and dirt and grime. It is important to make circular motions when applying the polish/wax to the hull.

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