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How To Use Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder

This versatile kit works to create both pressure and vacuum and includes an accurate gauge for testing and servicing a variety of vehicle pressurized systems. Repeat all previous steps on all remaining wheels.

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(2) remove master cylinder reservoir cap and insert brake bleeder nipple into the reservoir.


How to use vacuum pump brake bleeder. This powerbuilt vacuum pump / brake bleed kit simplifes brake servicing work. Includes fluid reservoir, hoses, and adapters. Now the process for bleeding the brakes with a vacuum bleeder is much easier than by the old way.

Begin by hooking up your assembled vacuum brake bleeder to an air compressor capable of at least 2 cfm. Remove dust and grease using shop rag. Connect the vac pump line to the bleed nipple on the lever, with a catch pot in between pump and lever.

Vacuum bleeding is using a vacuum source @ individual bleeder screw/s so that atmospheric pressure on top of the master cylinder reservoir forces brake fluid through to that lower pressure vacuum. Vacuum does all the work. In this video i show how to use a bleeder / vacuum pump to bleed your brakes and replace the brake fluid.

If you’ve replaced a wheel cylinder, caliper, flex lines, brake lines, master cylinder, or any. Here is a detailed step by step process on how to use a vacuum pump to bleed brakes; For this next part you can either use your mityvac brake bleeder or a turkey baster to remove all of the old fluid from the master cylinder.

While the air is drawn out, new brake fluid is drawn into the system using the pump. Attach adapter and pump assembly, and pump 10 to 15 times. Start with the right rear and loosen the brake caliper bleed screw, leave it for at least one hour and close the bleeder screw.

How to bleed the brake using a vacuum pump. Video tutorial on how to bleed your brakes with a vacuum pump. It will save the brake’s hydraulic system.

First, plug the vacuum pump into any electrical outlet and attach the transfer hose to the fluid reservoir. It has a gauge to let you know how much vacuum is pumped to. This is easier, since all your helper needs to do is keep the master cylinder full.

Then simply crack open the bleeder and the vacuum pulls the fluid through the line, air and all until the fluid come clear without bubbles. You pump the vacuum handles until a 30 vacuum is reached, then slowly open the bleed fitting while still pumping. (1) turn on air compressor.

Connect the hose to the caliper and into the glass jar of brake fluid. Make the bleeder screw tighter and remove the. Before you remove the cap, clean the master cylinder with a shop rag to remove dust and grease.

Wait for an hour for the fluid to drain and top off the master cylinder. After removing the old fluid replace with your new fluid and fill full. How to use a vacuum pump to bleed brakes.

You'll see the brake fluid slowly make it's way to the jar. Use the hand vacuum pump to pump the fluid into the jar until it is about 1 inch from the cap while observing the size of the bubbles in the stream of fluid. Extract old fluid from master cylinder.

Second, use the transfer hose for the other side of the reservoir and connect it to. Any air leak between the master cylinder & vacuum will negate the effectiveness of this system. Designed to bleed hydraulic systems or siphon fluids on cars.

Repeat the whole process on the other rear brake, front brake of the passenger’s side, and driver’s side. You connect the pump to bleeder with the correct hose end. I just bleed it until the jar is full, close the bleed fitting, add more fluid to the master cylinder, empty vacuum jar then repeat until i got clean fluid in the jar with no bubbles!

Use this kit to bleed brakes, test vacuum systems and more! Place wrench on brake bleeding fitting. This was an old video i produced back in 2016 and with some of the questions i’ve had over the years, i’ve decide.

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