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The front of the hub houses the power button, the toggle to tell the pump when you’re on the left or right breast and 7 suction settings to switch between. Another element of the elvie i love has to be how discreet and silent it is.

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Download the pump with elvie app download the pump with elvie app on your smart phone to make use of your pump’s smart features:


How to use elvie pump settings. Elvie allows you to adjust settings inside the app, or on the pump if you need to increase or decrease suction, or pause the pump. When you reach the maximum or minimum intensity setting, play/pause will flash three times. Menu > account > personalization & preferences > personalize your pump > tap the cog where you can save your intensity settings.

• track sessions • control elvie stride remotely • personalize your pump preference settings the pump with elvie app can be downloaded from the apple app store (for iphone) or google play store (for android). Each and every bra has a different level of support, so make sure to get the compression right before each session. The best part is that i can move around the house while pumping, which honestly makes time go by so much faster than if i had to just sit in one.

The brand recommends using the pump while sitting or standing upright. Play/pause and side leds will flash while elvie pump is resetting and then the leds and elvie pump will turn off. How long do you pump with elvie?

Getting elvie pump on correctly can take a little practice. Stimulation and expression modes combined with 10 intensity levels let you customize pumping for your body so that it’s comfortable and efficient. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

The elvie gives you the freedom to walk around, hold your baby, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, or do whatever else you need to do while you pump. The elvie pump will switch from the stimulation mode to the expression mode when it detects that milk has started to flow or around two minutes into the session. Sync your elvie to your smartphone and, voila, you can track the length of each pumping session, how much milk you’ve pumped, and even adjust the settings to the perfect level of suction.

Turn elvie pump on 2. Please note elvie pump does not turn on while it is charging. You can also change the suction intensity during a pump session.

Play / pause intensity settings side light side light power 39 f12. Bending forwards and holding your breast from underneath. Download the elvie pump app download the elvie pump app to make use of the smart features:

The app has some glitches. Elvie pump needs to be firmly pressed against your breast, there should be no gaps between elvie pump and your breast. I also like (like the willow) that you have a log in there of all your previous pumps, and times and amounts and such!

Elvie pump has seven intensity settings, giving you full control over what feels comfortable and works most efficiently in both stimulation and expression mode. Elvie pump has a stimulation and an expression mode, as well as seven intensity settings so you can find the level that is most comfortable and efficient for you. Until you are comfortable aligning your nipple we recommend you put on just the breast shield, without the hub.

Your pump must be connected to complete these steps. It keeps track of time, supply, and suction strength. Elvie pump the world’s first silent wearable breast pump.

This is usually during the morning med pass (arguably the busiest time of the whole shift), and at about 3 or 4 pm. Bring the breast shield to your breast, paying attention to. Will elvie stop when full?

For more info on how i use the elvie pump, check out my pumping schedule for a 12 hour shift. Connect to the free pump with elvie app to control the stride remotely, save your favorite settings and track your pumping history. If you need to pause pumping for any reason, press play/pause again.

Assemble the elvie pump at home before stowing it away, that way when you need to pump, all you have to do is pop it into your bra and press start. Charge elvie pump (see section 4.3) before using elvie pump for the first time, it needs to be charged. Monitor milk volume in real time, track sessions and control the pump remotely.

You simply charge it up, assemble it, slide it right into your nursing bra, and start pumping. Elvie pump is designed to be worn with your standard nursing bra. Simply place the pumps into your bra (i love using these nursing bras the most with the elvie) and you can operate the pump directly from the app on your phone.

Lying down won’t be as effective. Can you use the elvie pump lying down? Press and hold both intensity buttons simultaneously, for 5 seconds 3.

How to use the elvie breast pump. After sterilising the 150ml capacity bottles and breast shield, i’d pop the elvie pump on at 1pm or 1am and would happily pump. Power pumping is quite similar:

Menu > account > your pumps > personalize where you can save your intensity settings.

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