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How To Use A Sauna Blanket

Limit the time of the session up to a maximum of 30 minutes to prevent overheating to your body. When using the heat healer, you should always place a towel down first, on top of the jade and tourmaline stone.

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For best use, the brand recommends laying a towel down inside the blanket (to collect your sweat), then putting the provided cotton body wrap on top for extra comfort.


How to use a sauna blanket. Use this infrared sauna blanket for 15 minutes or up to 60, when it will automatically shut off. The infrared sauna blanket uses infrared rays to heat the body similarly to how an infrared sauna does. At zoetech, our infrared sauna blanket is also easy to use…

Slimming blanket infrared body wrap body shaping blanket. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. The box the heat healer comes in weighs 28lbs.

No, you won’t be laying in a puddle of sweat! Open your sauna blanket up so the inside is exposed. Now that we can put to bed the safety aspect of an infrared sauna blanket, let’s take a look at how the infrared blanket works.

Set the temperature to a level that you still feel comfortable. You are supposed to wrap the blanket around your body and use it for around 15 minutes to an hour. Heat settings should be adjusted similarly.

When you use the blanket be sure the read the instruction manual and guidelines, but these are just some of my tips: It’s a good idea to start low and work your way up. You will also want to keep a water bottle within arms reach.

However, unlike conventional saunas, the heat is only inside the infrared sauna blanket. Just as the name suggests, an infrared sauna blanket uses infrared light to heat your body. Higher dose infrared sauna blanket | benefits & how to use.

The heat could accelerate your blood pressure. Set the timer and temperature and you're on your way to sweaty relaxation. This will help to keep in more heat as well as be helpful to wipe away any sweat from your face.

Have some water nearby to keep you hydrated throughout your sauna session. You don’t want to flood it, but you also want to make sure it’s well coated. How does an infrared sauna blanket work?

The blanket is 75 long and has a circumference of 69 when in use. The heat healer is designed to comfortably fit someone up to 6'6 tall and 300lbs. Why i love my infrared sauna blanket

Have a couple of dry towels and your cleaning supplies handy before you begin your session. Then spray all of the inside areas with a good coating. This short instructional video shows you how to use the heat healer infrared sauna blanket.

First wrap yourself in the plastic wrap and then wrap the sauna blanket over your body. The higher dose sauna blanket v3. Slimming blanket infrared body wrap body shaping blanket.

Most sauna blankets start with a temperature of about 60 degrees fahrenheit, and max out at about 160 degrees. In creating the heat healer sauna blanket, we set out to reimagin. Use a towel to drape over your shoulder where the opening of the blanket is.

It’s known as a “natural tranquilliser” known to relieve stress/anxiety and balance mood swings. Make sure it’s on a flat, fireproof surface. It is recommended to wear cotton clothes from neck to toe, including socks.

(this code currently has no expiration date!) or through 8/14/21 at midnight est, use code grace100 for $100 off. Sauna blanket how to use it. To start using an infrared sauna blanket, place the blanket on a flat surface (your bed, couch, massage table, floor), put the towel in, plug it and set the temperature.

For $75 off your infrared sauna blanket v3 at higherdose, use code thestripe75! Start your first sauna blanket wrap session Cranking your sauna or sauna blanket to the max isn’t necessary.

When you sweat, you will sweat into the towel, just the same as you would in a traditional sauna where you would put. Heat healer infrared sauna blanket. Lay a plastic wrap on the sauna blanket and then lie down on time of the wrap.

But don’t feel that you need to achieve a particular goal! I was already sold on the benefits of using an infrared sauna blanket but the at home element was new to me. As the name suggests, the blanket is a top, well almost, it doesn’t cover your head, to toe full body beauty treatment that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Use the blanket with care especially if you suffer from any health issue such as heart illness. However, it is not necessary and will not affect the. That will give you time to acclimatize to the heat.

Tips for using the higherdose sauna blanket: How to use infrared sauna blankets. Usually, it takes around 10 minutes for the blanket to heat up.

What makes the higher dose sauna blanket special is how it harnesses far infrared, which provides an uplifting sensation, with amethyst layers for deeper penetration of therapeutic infrared. The infrared lights have been said to increase blood flow and help repair muscles and torn tissues.

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