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How To Use A Plumbing Snake In Bathtub

This will loosen the blockage and you will feel it break up or move. Lock the cable and start cranking the handle until you go past it.

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Twice before in the past 4 years i was able to successfully get the snake down the drain and remove a hair ball and than the water would flow fine for the next year or two, but the snake would usually just pop out of the top drain hole.


How to use a plumbing snake in bathtub. Here is the snake that i used; If you remove the cover of the over flow to snake it, exercise care not to drop any parts down either drain. This will loosen the blockage and you will feel it break up or move.

Whenever i try to push the snake down the drain, it comes out the top drain hole. Your overflow cover is attached to a trip lever and they should come out together from the overflow pipe. Keep feeding the snake down into the drain pipe until you begin to feel some resistance.

The cover for the bath plug includes the overflow drain. The bottom has an opening that is your overflow drain. Snake it out take your snake and advance the wire down the overflow.

If you use the plungers, remember that you're. Easy to use and works like a charm! If you are unclogging the tub, you should never put the snake through the drain, but through the overflow plate.

This little useful tool saves me from calling the local plumber every three months. Make sure you don't get the head stuck in the pipe, and if you hear any scraping, then stop immediately.if you can't feel the blockage moving, you should try retracting the device, and the blockage may come with it. Using the handle on your auger, wind it slowly clockwise while applying downwards pressure to work the cable down the pipes.

How to make a plumbing snake turn corners a corner in a pipe is called an elbow. The main difference is the place where you put a snake. Here is a picture of the tub;

And be gentle with the snake so that you don't damage the drain plug assembly. Feed the end of the snake into the drain. Release more cable and keep on cranking until there are no more blockages.

Depending on your bathtub, you will need a screwdriver to remove screws first. In theory, there are some snaking devices that can bend over 90 degrees so they do not harm your pipes, and can be used through the tub drain, but it is only few devices. Most of the clogs in your bathroom sink or bathtub don't require the mess of a full length plumbing snake and if you're an apartment dweller you're certainly not going to.

They can be harsh elbows like a 90 degree bend (such as your p trap) or a smaller elbow (less than 90 degrees). A snake is used in the pipe to show you how to clean out. To snake your bathtub drain you will first need to remove the overflow plate to the tub.

This is a video to show you how to clean out your bathtub drain pipe so that it will drain freely. Push the wire out of the snake till you feel some resistance. The cable is wrapped in a canister of sorts and to use this type of drain snake you manually turn the handle on the canister to release more and more of the cable.

If you’ve hit your clog, the end of the drain snake will wind around it and you can try pulling it out to see if that’s got your bathtub unplugged. Getting your snake or drain auger through an elbow can be a challenge for even an experienced diyer. To snake your bathtub drain you will first need to remove the overflow plate to the tub.to use a snake in a bathtub drain, first, remove the overflow plate that sits above the bathtub drain.turn the.

To unclog a drain using a plumber’s snake, slowly insert the head in the drain opening and push down the cable until you encounter resistance. Behind the overflow plate, you can access the tub drain through the overflow tube. Move the head of the plumbing snake up, down, left and right.

The first step is to remove a cover from the overflow on the top of the tub. Either way, debris will gather in those areas.

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