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How To Use A Cat Tourniquet

A quick demonstration on how to prepare and stage a north american rescue combat application tourniquet (cat) gen 7 for easy and rapid. The tourniquet should be at least 5cm above the wound, or 5cm above the joint if.

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Here is instruction manual for cat tourniquet:


How to use a cat tourniquet. In some cases, you would have to thread the band into the adapter buckle. It may be necessary to apply more than one tourniquet to. (you may want a glove pouch).

Apply the tourniquet proximal to the bleeding site and insert the wounded limb through the loop formed by the band. But if the bleeding is too massive and continues despite that, you’ll have to make a judgement call and may need to resort to using the tourniquet. If your first aid kit has emergency tourniquets, you need to learn how and when to use them.

If it is not tight enough it can actually end up increasing blood loss. Is the wound easily identifiable? Injuries sustained during the following situations require the use of a tourniquet:

Place the tourniquet high and tight on the extremity (arm or leg), near the armpit or groin. Tie the bandage around the bare limb on a single bone (i.e. For example, if the injury is below the knee or elbow, you will need to tie the tourniquet above the joint.

When to use a tourniquet. Then, put the tourniquet as per the measurement. Apply cat tourniquet proximal to the bleeding site.

How to use a combat application tourniquet (cat) watch later. Loop the injured body part (ex. If the lower part of the arm or leg are bleeding, you should tie the tourniquet on the upper part, where there is only one bone rather than two).

Pass the red tip through the outside slit. A tourniquet must be put on sufficiently tight to stop the bleeding. Route the band around the limb and pass the red tip through the inside slit of the buckle.

You will want to position the tourniquet at the part of the limb that is closest to the heart. How do you apply a tourniquet? If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

This video covers the basic applications of a cat tourniquet and provides suggestions for wearing your tourniquet in the field.i am covering the cat tourniqu. Before you apply a tourniquet, it is important that you tell the injured person that it is going to hurt. You can apply a tourniquet to bare skin or over clothing.

How to fold cat tourniquet. How to apply a cat nar tourniquet? Measure around two to four inches above the injured part.

This video shows how to use a cat tourniquet (combat application tourniquet). If you are under fire, use the “high and tight” method (over clothes and very high on the extremity). Use a common square knot (like tying your shoelaces, but without making a bow) to tie the tourniquet.

A tourniquet should be at least 4cm wide to prevent localised damage to nerves tissues. If you cannot stop the bleeding with direct pressure, a tourniquet should be used. Emergency tourniquets or cats are useful in scenarios where emergency medical treatment is required.

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