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How To Tile A Shower Niche With Metal Trim

Leave the cutting, edge finishing and installing to your stone fabricator instead. When tiling your bathroom, you need to trim tiles, particularly around the shower head, toilet base, and other round fixtures.

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Off center to the left.


How to tile a shower niche with metal trim. Use a tile wet saw that has been fitted with a bullnose blade. Silicone is used by tilers because it handles the expansion and contraction, not, as most people think, because it seals the joint. In the image below, i just used the tile edging to make a negative joint and applied a thin clear silicone edging.

This way when you use a pencil trim, it’ll have a great looking grout joint. Range in size from 6″ to 24″. This is the easiest process and all we need to do is to ensure that the right amount of waterproofing chemicals and liquids are put in the mortar that covers the wall housing the niche.

The blade will grind down the edge of the tile into a curve that will make the gentle transition to the wall. The “tiling” flange that surrounds the niche, is designed to extend out from the mounting surface a full 1/2″ so that you can surround the niche with tile as thick as 3/8″, but you can also surround the niche with an acrylic, stone, or glass shower panel if you like. You don't need grout with aluminium tile trim because aluminium trim expands with heat(hot water) and contracts with cold (cold water) so grout cracks away from the trim.

That needs to be removed and redone properly with bull nose and polish the edges of the glass tile so they meet properly and not show such a wide grout joint to cover the edge of the rough cut glass tile. The variations in the pebbles match the subtle tone of the wall tiles… Don't finalize the size until you tile up to the niche

This is a great idea from lowe’s to turn a small niche into a focal point to showcase plants or trinkets. It might seem counterintuitive, but i’ve found it easier to grind these miters by hand than cut them with a tile saw. The prefab niche is fitted into the wall cavity between two existing studs and sits flush against the untiled shower wall.

Use pebble tile to turn boring shower niches into beautiful accents. Please don't use mastic in a wet area. It also hides the dodgy tiling cuts.

For larger tiles they might not be available. Yes, our stainless steel recessed shower niches can be finished with any type of shower panel or shower board. As a decorative feature, install metal strips below and above an accent.

See more ideas about shower niche, shower tile, metal edging. I have a shower niche that i need to tile and would be keen on some advice an experience. Metal pencil trim for niches | these shower niches, top and bottom.

With stone you can relieve yourself of the burden. If your tile is 1/4 inch thick we recommend using a 1/4 x 1/4 square notched trowel. This is something they need to do.

Tile is applied directly to the waterproof niche. Get dimension for side tiles. The tiler was going to leave the large accent i trimmed and used schluter metal trim on the small inset niche and the curb.

Schluter makes metal or plastic tile edging that can solve problems but i usually try to design my way out of having to use it. —mm construction tip: The attached image shows a ceramic trim tile being used very nicely around a tiled shower niche in a traditional bathroom design. Good quality porcelain tile or natural stone are more forgiving because the color goes all the way through the tile.

Instead, use an angle grinder (i prefer a cordless model) equipped with a diamond cutting blade. A good practice will be to go a couple of feet above the top level of the niche. At my insistence for trim we are considering retrofitting a 1/4” pencil trim (marble) around the flat accent niche by gluing and grouting it in.

Perfect for a seamless transition. Grab the laser level again. To match them with the niche, cut them and place them into the niche.

I’m not sure if this will be acceptable and i am considering having them remove the glass tile to do the trim correctly. I hate trim and avoid it where possible. In this step, you’ll have to carefully measure the side tiles.

We love this pebble tile shower shelf and the matching accent wall and flooring. Now use it to level the top tile properly. What i suggest is common practice that is done by professional tile.

If you’re doing a shower niche, decide if you’d like to bullnose inside the niche. A prefab shower niche speeds up installation by using a preformed waterproof mold made from either foam, plastic, or steel. Outside and inside corner pieces are available to put a cap on sharp edges.

On the mosaic i just added the horizontal plane tiles over the edge of the vertical plane. Install as a base board around your bathroom. I also hate the metal trim.

These days it is most common to use a metal tile edge trim for these corners but as i mentioned previously, another great alternative tile edging option is natural or engineered stone. The edge trim was a stainless steel box section with a tab that held it in place under the tiles and it was a couple of mm less then the height of the bottom tiles to allow for drainage. It depends what tile you are using but you can forego it.

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