There are rather a number of benefits and advantages of using a compost tumbler. If you put your compost bin on soil or turf, worms may migrate into the bin as it fills.

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How to start a compost tumbler. Load compost materials into the drum. You will also be required to turn compost tumbler as often as three times a week. How to start tumble composting at home?

This allows worms and other beneficial organisms to aerate the compost and be transported to your garden beds. A trick you can do to help make sure the process is fast is to chop your kitchen scraps in a food processor. Usually, 4 to 6 weeks as long as you have the right ratio of green to brown materials ( 1/3 green to 2/3 brown), some compost starter (or manure), and turn the tumbler at least a couple times a week.

If too dry, add water into the compost tumbler then turn the contents every time you add some more. Remember, compost is simply decomposed organic matter. Assemble your compost tumbler, and place it on flat, well drained ground.

Start your compost pile on bare earth. This aids drainage and helps aerate the pile. Add compost materials in layers, alternating moist and dry.

To start making compost, place a layer of soil in the bottom of the bin. A compost tumbler helps create compost because it is fully sealed and traps heat inside, it quickly turns to mix ingredients and provide aeration, and it makes the composting process faster. When it pertains to compost heap requirements the very best solution is getting a compost tumbler.

Add your newly created compost started to your compost pile or tumbler (you’ll obviously need to adjust the amount you add based on the volume of your compost) *bonus step if you want to create the most beneficial microbial community possible, aerate your catalyst using a fish tank pump. Get ready for a nutritious and rich compost batch when you use an activator to make your tumbler a conducive environment for microbes and decomposition. When it comes to turning the compost tumbler, some may be easier than others.

Moist ingredients are food scraps, tea bags, seaweed, etc. Feed your tumbler every 1 to 2 days until the chamber is about 4 in (10 cm) from the top. One of the main factors in speeding up the composting.

This will ensure that there is maximal growth of the proper (aerobic) type of bacteria. Using your compost tumbler appears to be easy. What to put in compost bin to start.

A compost tumbler is a great place to start because it’s easy to both set up and maintain. Make sure it gets some sunlight, and that you have room to spin the drum. The materials are adequately mixed.

All that is required is to hold the handle and spin the barrel continuously until you are satisfied; What should you put in a compost bin? Lay twigs or straw first, a few inches deep.

Load it to capacity, add inoculant — something to jumpstart the process with the needed microbes such as a spadeful of garden soil, manure, a commercial activator or already finished compost — and turn it every couple days. If you go with a pallet bin for composting, you will need 12 pallets, which make up three bins. A compost tumbler will look after all your compost requires.

The most important thing that you need is a plastic trash can or container. Therefore, as you choose a compost tumbler, keep it in mind that you will need to turn it. If you can find some red worms to put in the layer of soil, it will help.

You can grass clippings to the tumbler as well, but take care to sprinkle these in with other materials to prevent matting. How to use a compost tumbler. How to start a compost tumbler.

Essentially, you are simply starting the process in one bin and then moving the matter to another bin over time. Toss the dirt or compost in with kitchen scraps and raked leaves or sawdust for best results. Although compost tumblers tend to cost quite a bit of money they are certainly worth it and they make gardening simpler and easier.

They are also easy to use and are eco friendly. How to start tumble composting at home? The process then repeats itself over and over again.

Although, it is much easier to rotate a compost tumbler than a compost pile. A compost tumbler is a closed system, and one you are hoping is going to churn out finished compost in 2 or 3 weeks. A compost tumbler can produce compost in just a few weeks as compared to ordinary compost bins.

Place your compost bin where it will be out of the way but conveniently near. If using a dual chamber composter, load one chamber first, then allow it to finish composting while you fill the other chamber.

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