To soundproof a concrete floor we are normally only concerned with impact noise (footsteps) as concrete floors already have a high level of mass to block airborne noise, however high mass materials perform worse for impact noise. In some case’s when you disconnect the floor joists “you can no longer hear the neighbours front door slam” quietco are called in to investigate many soundproofing diy attempts or where a builder has attempted to soundproof the alcoves of a party wall.

How To Soundproof Floors Sound Proofing Sound Proof Flooring Flooring

If you can't feel a vibration but can still hear the noise, then it's airborne noise.


How to soundproof a floor from impact noise. This dissipates the impact energy before it has a chance to enter the building structure as sound. In homes such as hmo’s (house in multiple occupation), flats and apartments, the sound of continuous footfall can be the reason why many tenants or homeowners move on. It should be used between two hard surfaces, so it’s best to add it to the existing.

For ceilings you can normally tell by the type of noise such as foot steps, furniture being moved etc, which is impact noise. Not only will this dramatically reduce footstep noise, it will also block airborne sounds between floors. By far the most effective way to reduce impact noise from above is to lay carpet with thick padding underneath — the thicker, the better.

This is by far the best method to obtain soundproof ceiling and damping impact noise. Such noises involve the ‘thud’ of the impact of whatever hits the floor, and this is generally accompanied by vibration which arises from the impact and travels through the building’s own substrate or rigidity. Impact noise is generally trickier to handle than airborne noise.

Install drywall over resilient channels on ceiling and walls in the room below the noise source. Carpeting gives superb results and often resolves the problem of impact noise. You can get a soundproof sealant instead, and it can be applied the same way the drywall mud is used.

However, it easily transfers noise and vibrations, magnifying the sound from above the room. Techniques and materials to use on how to reduce impact noise from upstairs floors. Our best tried and tested system for impact noise on a concrete floor is our impactomat 5mm under screed

If impact noise is having a negative impact on your life, using a sound dampening compound, such as green glue or a similar alternative, will help soundproof your floor. This means vibration is being transmitted through floor joists, and sound energy is building up under your floor between the subfloor and the floor boards. The simplest test for walls is to put your hand on the wall and if you can feel a vibration, then it's impact noise.

There are carpets designed for soundproofing which offer increased thickness. Normally, drywall mud is used for sealing that corner in between your roof and walls. This forces the collapse of the vibration, giving you a soundproof floor that protects the room below from the noise up above.

4 easy ways to soundproof floors 1. Install a carpet with thick under pad in the room that contains the noise source. To reduce impact noise and vibration transmission you need to either stop the sound getting into the floor, out of the ceiling or a combination of both, by adding a floating floor or an acoustic ceiling system.

The easiest soundproofing you can achieve is using carpets and rugs to reduce airborne noise and muffle impact noise. By using floorfighter you provide density from the membrane and disconnect by lift the flooring surface up and away from your structure. If you find that the noise from upstairs floors is screaming, running, and doing different noisy activities of your neighbors then the best way to reduce this noise is talking with them.

For a big upgrade use our premium soundproof carpet underlayment which utilizes sound barrier bonded to a closed cell foam. With proper talking and understanding, you can solve the noise pollution and find a better way to reduce noise from upstairs neighbors. Airborne noise is talking, tv etc and impact noise is footsteps and dropping things

Make sure the floor in the room that contains the noise source does not squeak. The best product for handling impact noise is carpet and a thick pad underlayment.

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