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How To Shock An Above Ground Saltwater Pool

Never add water to a chemical. While shocking your pool is part of its regular maintenance, you can do your part to minimize the need to shock it by:

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Shock the pool by adding enough sodium hypochlorite in the form of pool chlorine, bleach or a conventional shock product to quickly raise the free chlorine level.

How to Shock a Saltwater Pool

How to shock an above ground saltwater pool. Pour the mixture into the water slowly, evenly and as close to the water as possible to avoid splashing. Calculate the proper amount of shock. Stir the bucket well for a couple minutes or until all the chemical is dissolved.

You will need to check the ph level in your pool. If you shock your pool during the day, the sun’s uv rays will dissolve the chlorine. If the pool starts overflowing, you'll also be losing salt, so things might get weird.

Well, in order to reach breakpoint chlorination, you'll need to achieve about 30 ppm. Chlorine is one of the most effective ways to eliminate algae from your pool, so if you notice a spot of algae in your saltwater pool, act fast and shock your pool. Pool water testing is easy to do using test strips or liquid test kits.

To find the cc of your pool, subtract the fc from the tc. The sun will burn off unstabilized chlorine. Remove debris from your pool

Most salt water pools can be shocked (shock treatment) by using the “boost” function on the chlorine generator, dosing the pool with a measured amount of chlorine, or by purchasing specifically designed products. With oxidizing shock, you can use your pool after just 15 minutes! If your saltwater pool is light green or teal, then you should double shock your pool by using standard calcium hypochlorite shock.

Therefore, if your pool is about 10,000 gallons or less, you would need two pounds of. Test & balance your water. Of shock to the bucket.

Slaming your pool is the ideal way to sanitize your pool, eliminate algae, and make your water crystal clear. What do i need to shock my pool? The ph level should be between 7.2 and 7.6, with total alkalinity being between 80 and 120 ppm.

In addition to the shock treatment, you’ll need some “work clothes”. A little rain won't have much effect. It may also be helpful to use a bucket for even distribution around the pool.

10,000 gallons of water would cost you one pound or bag of shock to treat up. Yes, you can shock a saltwater swimming pool. If the chlorination does not reach this level, it won’t kill all of the algae in your pool or remove unhealthy chloramines.

Ensure the system is on and running for a 24 hour period to disperse the shock treatment around the pool and clean the filter for any debris captured. For those who have algae, or the cc level is above 0.5, or the free chlorine (fc) amount is zero, you should slam the pool. In fact, not only is it possible to shock a saltwater pool — it’s a smart idea if you want to get the most out of your investment.

You’ll definitely need to shock your pool and use some algaecide if your above ground pool’s water starts to turn green or give off a foul oder. Regularly brushing the walls and running the vacuum. Shocking a pool should be done at dusk.

Before you add shock treatment, you need to test your pool water and balance its levels. For example, you will need to shock your saltwater pool if it becomes contaminated by algae. If you're hosting a party, dial the percentage up a couple notches a few hours before and leave it up for the duration and for a few hours afterwards.

You might be wondering how much shock is enough. You can’t do this immediately…it often takes a few days to see it finished…no shortcuts. Here's how to shock a pool:

Fill the bucket with water from the pool and slowly add 1 lb. What type of shock is best for saltwater pool? Also, you may want to wear gloves and, if it’s windy, a pair of glasses.

Pool test kits can measure the fc and tc of your water. Chlorine can easily stain clothes or remove their color. How often should you shock a saltwater pool?

Pool shock works as an added defense against bacteria and contaminants. This article discusses what shocking a saltwater pool means and how to shock a saltwater pool. By doing this, the chlorine will be more effective.

In the morning, you should be able to enjoy your pool. Shocking your pool at night makes sure the chemicals work properly. Disinfectant whether something has fallen in your pool and contaminated the water or something else has happened, shocking your pool will get rid of any contaminants in the water.

Once a week shock your pool once a week with salinity surge shock or salinity oxidizing shock. This gives your pool plenty of time during the night to free the chlorine and clean the water.

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