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How To Shingle A Shed Over Old Shingles

Use a fork to work the edges lose, and then begin to strip them off with a shovel. Tom melillo, residential project manager, roof services:

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Storing asphalt roof shingles correctly keeps them ready for use at any time.


How to shingle a shed over old shingles. Attach with nails along the top edge of the strip. If you are missing a few shingles, have a leak, or just can't afford to replace your entire roof, you can repair it by fixing the damaged area. Homeowners who have asphalt shingles left over will want to keep them on hand in case a repair is needed.

Make sure that it is rolled straight. Roof shingles get damaged over time and need to be replaced. A storm can rip some off the roof, or time can break them down.

Use a cold chisel to remove chimney counterflashing. Center each shingle on the ridge of the roof and nail them into place by hammering roofing nails into the edges of the tabs. Use a starter strip or cut pieces for a starter course.

It ultimately increases the thermal resistance (r value) of the roof assembly, actually increasing energy efficiency compared to tearing. If this is an old shed, you will need to remove the existing shingles before you can lay the new stuff. If there's a history of leaks or insect infestation, it's probably best to remove even a single shingle layer.

Additional causes especially with older roofs, foot traffic can cause shingle wear and granule loss. Nail the shingle in place with four nails so the shingle overlaps the drip cap on the end and bottom of the roof by 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Cover the ridge of the shed's roof with these cut shingles.

Leave the old valley flashing in. According to the asphalt roofing manufacturers association, four types of asphalt are used to shingle a roof. This will allow your contractor to check whether rot, mold, or insects has damaged.

Roll out the felt paper on the roof first and secure it using a nailer. If new shingle siding, no need to strip or try removing old paint, (not that you could do this 100% anyway), priming & painting is one of a solid type coating, apt to blister, bubble, chip, or peel. They start up at the ridge and pull off the ridge capping shingle first, and a few courses down from the ridge.

Then they get behind it and start ripping downward, letting gravity help them as they remove shingles. Semi transparent stains would never do this, protecting much longer. Measure up the width of a full shingle from the drip edge and make a mark at each end of the roof.

Roofing shingles can also be made from asphalt; Continue nailing cut shingles along the bottom row to create a solid strip of shingles at the bottom of the roof. Sounds good, just make sure they lay new felt.

After the felt paper is rolled out, apply ice and water shield to protect the shingles from shifting during the winter season. It saves having to fill up landfills with old shingles. New chimney flashing will be installed with the new shingles.

The old shingles also will be cut back and new metal drip edges installed. Roof shingles don't last forever. Tear the old shingles away from the roof first.

Now it’s time to rip off the old shingles. This will prepare the roof for the laying out of shingles. If your shingles are blistering and losing their shingles, your roof is in definite need of repair.

Take care where you discard the existing materials for the time being, and make sure to get rid of them properly later.

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