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How To Score A Typical Mule Deer

Some deer antlers exhibit annual variation in conformation, and a deer's last antler set may be quite abnormal. All scored entries must be scored by a certified tbga scorer or an official boone and crockett scorer.

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We’ve all heard it, mule deer scores thrown around like everyone has a tape measure embedded in their eyeballs.

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How to score a typical mule deer. It usually takes about 60 days to dry the antlers.step 2, make sure the antlers are dry and the skull plate is intact if you want to request an official measuring by a boone and crockett representative. In this episode of epic outdoors tv justin spring, director of records at boone and crocke. Step 1, dry the antlers thoroughly before you try to score them.

Nonetheless, a high scoring mule deer is always an achievement and would be icing. Unfortunately mule deer ears will vary in length from 9 to 10 inches depending on the unit or state. How to make a wingbone turkey call this video describes all the steps involved in making a usable turkey call out of the wing of a turkey.

Look for width at the main beam—that is where score is measured. For a typical whitetail, meaning the antlers are symmetrical, the minimum score is 125 inches. Photo guide to measuring your mule deer.

How to score a mule deer. When scoring a mule deer buck, you will take four circumference measurements on his main beam, or h measurements. It’s still a good benchmark, but a true monster buck may or may not be over 30.

51 rows scoring your trophy: If he does, hammer him. A flexible steel cable can be used to measure points and main beams only.) enter fractional figures in eighths, without reduction.

Carpenter typical whitetail deer killed in lac la biche, ab, 1998 can you guess the score? Also, in the spread measurements only the inside spread, or measurement “d” is added as part of the gross score. You’ll also get sets of scores from people that aren’t even close to one another.

Because a mule deer’s average ear width is 20 inches you can use the ears to estimate inside spread and hence main beam length. This is only necessary if you are trying to make it into the boone and crockett official records.step 3, go to the boone and crockett website. In 1974, at the 15th.

Cascade blacktail deer (typical) 125: Each point is measured from the tip to where it meets a beam. After watching this video you'll know how to score a typical whitetail deer.

How to saddle a horse or mule with clay newcomb if you're an outdoors person, at some point you're going to be using. For example, if you’re looking at a buck and estimate his inside antler spread is 1″ past his ears, assuming his ears are 21″ apart, then you can come up with an approximate. Take for example, a 190 typical buck that has 36 inches of mass with a 20 inch inside spread.

How to score a typical mule deer. Hover over the tab entitled “big game records.” scroll and select “scoring. Opt to print out a pdf of the scoring sheet or click directly on the link that reads, “typical mule deer & blacktail.”.

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