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How To Read Moonology Oracle Cards

Her glowing, sometimes secretive face, the moon has the power to guide us. The moonology oracle cards are a deck of 44 oracle cards, complete with a guide book.

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They tell you what you are currently manifesting and how to boost your manifesting.


How to read moonology oracle cards. Get your deck of moonology cards here: 2018 oracle card reading and personal crystal message for. She hadn’t asked me a question, just won a competition for a reading.

Moon oracles cards are oracles cards inspired by the lunar phases and their meanings. Named after moon phases and positions in the star signs, the cards in this deck provide the answers to the user’s questions about their life and offer teachings on moon phases and moon positions. It is usually a deck made up of around 44 cards and each card has a special message to the reader.

The moonology oracle cards are a deck of 44 oracle cards, complete with a guide book. The moonology oracle cards, created by yasmin boland, help you use lunar energy to find guidance and clarity. To read moonology oracle cards, you must first obtain your own cards.

In this series of honest and poignant essays, heidi priebe explores the harsh reality of what it means to let go of the people and situations we love most — often before we are ready to — and how to embrace what comes next. Download the pdf, and then try out the free online app here, and see how a whole new level of possibility opens up for you. The energy oracle cards are designed to reveal both the present energy you project and the results you are likely to attract.

Photo by amanda linette meder of the moonology oracle cards box with milky calcite and a. In this post, we're going to discuss how you can use oracle cards to access divine guidance. It is published by hay house.

Introduction, choosing your next oracle deck, greeting your oracle deck. The word card can be traced back to the greek word, khartēs which literally means papyrus leaf.the modern equivalent of papyrus is paper… and so a card is essentially just a piece of shaped paper. The deck comes with 44 cards and a guidebook in the box.

However, if you do not have much time to read, you can download energy oracle cards to your device and check in later. The lovely moonology oracle cards tap into lunar powers to help us unlock the future, and gain insight and mastery over our lives. How to read oracle cards pdf.

You can purchase the cards from moonology, or you can get them from the authors. The moonology oracle cards, created by yasmin boland, help you use lunar energy to find guidance and clarity. You can read more books moonology manifestation oracle:

In this best astrology oracle deck, you can find 12 zodiac signs and the phases of the moon between new moon and full moon. The book written by you should read is moonology oracle cards: Pick a card and see if you get an answer to your question.

The message it gives is clear and never vague, making it easy to read even for beginners. Don't be fooled by the serenity of this deck, its energy is powerful. The moonology oracle is a deck of 44 cards which is effectively divided into four suits.

Using the cards in this way gives you a focus for the day and tells you what the universe wants you to know that day. The moonology oracle cards, created by yasmin boland, help you use lunar energy to find guidance and clarity. I got the “know you are a hearler card”.

This deck is direct and encouraging (aka it doesn't talk shit). One of the most common ways to use oracle decks, especially for complete divination beginners, is a one card pull. These are quite a common set of oracle cards, they work entirely with the moon and do not follow or even try replicate the standard tarot setup.

The first time i used them, i was actually giving a moonology reader a reading she had won. Each card shows how the energy of a moon position relates to an area of their life, including life goals, love, healing, family, work, money and success, plus an action to take or a question to reflect on. Crystal angels oracle cards by anonim.

Discover how to use the moonology oracle cards to give accurate and meaningful readings for yourself and others! Each card carries its own frequency and energy so sit with it as you do your ritual. The new moon cards open you up to archangel and planetary energies to connect you with your innate ability to create your life.

This really is the ideal time to get clear on our intentions, so saturn can help us to concretise them. Ask the universe for guidance. Whilst there i picked up an amazonite, a rainbow moonstone, and the moonology oracle cards by yasmin boland.

The first suit comprises of eight moon phase cards Each reading includes four categories:. Leave the list somewhere you can see it.

And (as most moonology readers surely know by now, there is nothing as powerful as a clear intention!) one of the best ways to get clear on your plans and intentions is to write them down. The queen of the moon deck is an oracle by stacey demarco. How to use moonology oracle cards.

You can do these readings as often as you like, so it doesn’t have to be every day. The moonology oracle deck is a 44 card deck featuring the different energies of each lunations. Map oracle cards full book we cannot guarantee that i ching oracle cards book is available in the library, click get book button to download or read online books.

It’s what lunar dreams are made of. This collection of moonology oracle cards was designed by nyx rowan and created by yamin boland. On the left is a comparison between the moonology oracle cards (at the bottom) and the moon deck (on top).

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