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How To Read Dental X-ray Film

Dental radiographic views • intra oral : The green arrows are pointing to the bone.

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Periapical films, since often, there is not enough room in the mouth to place film parallel to the teeth.


How to read dental x-ray film. After the film has developed in a short time like a few minutes, your dentist can determine what needs to be done and the method of treatment. Ezdicom — ( windows) this software. All versions of ezdicom can automatically detect.

Start with the anatomical landmarks view the radiographs in order through the quadrants from upper right through lower right identify the normal anatomy such as the bones, canals, foramina, cortices, etc. One way to remember these steps is aaabbbcs. Adequacy alignment aadi (anterior atlantodental interval) bdi (bsion dental interval) base of dens bony abnormalities cartilage disks cartliage facets soft tissues scan the periphery

The black areas are the soft objects such as decay and the nerves and blood.read more. The dentin layer is between the enamel and the pulp. This image shows the truest representation of the tooth size and shape.

The red arrows are pointing to the pulp, where the nerve and blood vessels are located for a tooth. A small film is placed inside the mouth next to the tooth. Film will have reduced density and marks / pattern on one side of film.

When the film is parallel with the long axis of the tooth, the image looks the same as the tooth itself. A small film is placed inside the mouth next to the tooth. • good contrast and density • noimage.

Film the paralleling technique is the preferred method, and will be illustrated throughout this chapter. Collectively, the dentist is able to check all teeth for presence of tooth decay, check the margins of existing dental restorations , dental abscesses , tissue and/or bone pathology like tumors and cysts, gum disease. Latitude refers to the ability to capture a diagnostic image with a range of exposures.

The occlusal film, which is about three to four times the size of the film. The occlusal view reveals the skeletal or pathologic anatomy of either the floor of the mouth or the palate. They can be of great use in a science classroom or even an art project!

What is dental radiograph ? The blue arrows are pointing to the healthy enamel. Metal) let fewer beams pass.

The application footprint is under 120 k and can be sent with the images. And open analyze, dicom, genesis, interfile, magnetom, somatom and nema images. It is easy to miss a fracture with only one view (see red circle).

Diagnostic images show the following characteristics: Is designed to display most medical images: If you have a tooth ache, your dentist is likely to recommend a pa film to see that whole tooth.

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