How to package sunglasses to ship // #kenyatalks. Take one glass or mug, and place it.

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Make sure you arrange your packed stem glasses with their mouths facing down as this orientation has been proven to absorb much better the shocks,.


How to pack glasses for shipping. Always wrap and pack the biggest, heaviest glasses first. These cells will keep the pieces of glassware from bumping into each other during the transit. It is a good idea to package your glass piece inside two layers of boxes to provide it with extra protection.

For stemware pieces , place a thick piece of the bubbly material over the entire length of the stem, use tape to fix it in place, and finally cover the entire breakable item in one additional layer of bubble wrap that comes over the paper one. A double layer will ensure that if the glass frame cracks or shatters, then it will remain together. Place the wrapped up bundle inside the moving box and over the bottom layer of crumpled paper.

Before even looking for a box that fits the artwork, obtain painter’s tape and cover the glass areas of the artwork with a double layer of painter’s tape. Address the package and take to your local post office of the shipping company. Then wrap the glass in several layers of bubble wrap and tape it in place.

Place the wrapped glasses in the box. You'll be placing these on the bottom of the box with lighter glasses on top. If you're using a box with dividers, the glasses should slip easily into the small spaces.

Place a sheet of bubble wrap on top of the stemware and close the box flaps. Add in a little packing material to help ensure a snug fit and prevent too much jostling when moving the box around. Pack the glasses upright in rows, placing like items together to save space.

Subscribe to this channel here: It will keep the items cleaner, and give an extra layer of protection to fragile items. Using a flat, clean surface, lay your stack of paper or towels on the table or counter.

Write the shipping address on a card and place it inside the box. You should also label it as ‘fragile’ and mark which side is up. Place the wrapped sunglasses in the box and check for excess space.

To pack delicate stemware or pack valuable glasses for moving (usually crystal glassware), use bubble wrap for extra protection. Remove the sunglasses, add packing peanuts or extra bubble wrap to take up space and place the sunglasses back in the box. How to ship glass fragile items, ebay, etsy, mercari, packing tips.

Wrap your glass item in a layer of packing paper or newspaper and secure it in place with a piece of tape. Your glass should be covered in three to four layers of bubble wrap when you’re done. If there are no dividers, place the wrapped glasses.

Seal the package using packing tape to be sure it sticks properly. For packing glasses, place a layer of cell dividers on top of the crushed paper. When packing glassware, especially stemware and other delicate glass, wrap each piece in a couple layers of plain tissue paper as well.

If the box has sufficient space, you can stack a second layer of items on top of the first, but be sure to place another layer of cushioning and fill any empty space in the box with more paper or soft cloth. Pack the box tightly and fill in the empty spaces with more bubble wrap so that the item does not shuffle in transit. This article lists steps for packing framed art with glass for shipping.

To start packing your glasses, take one piece and lay it on the side on the corner of a stack of packing paper.

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