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How To Operate A Plasma Cutter

For a more detailed discussion of how it works, the plasma arc is formed when gas is heated at a very high temperature. Place the drag shield on the edge of the base metal or hold the correct standoff distance (typically 1/8 inch) and direct the arc straight down.

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This will be dependent on how powerful a machine you bought.


How to operate a plasma cutter. A plasma cutter serves as the plasma containing equipment, which then assists to make precise cuts. Connect your plasma cutter to your chosen air compressor. To attach the fittings, recede the outer flange of the female connection and insert the male connection.

Start by plugging in the plasma cutter and the air pipe. Hence, a plasma cutter results in a faster and cleaner cutting process. Some of those materials include aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel.

In this article, i will talk about how to use a plasma cutter. This lesson includes the procedures to operate the plasmacam cnc plasma cutter machine. Turn on your air compressor and remove the safety trigger lock to activate the plasma cutter.

A plasma cutter utilizes an accelerated hot plasma jet in order to cut through any conductive material. Keep your distance from the sparks. Start by connecting the plasma cutter to the appropriate air compressor.

Connect the external air compressor to the plasma cutter. After setting all parameters, start the program to cut. Switch on your air compressor and activate your plasma cutter by removing the safety trigger lock and pulling the trigger on the gun.

In general, larger machines require a higher psi and smaller machines require a lower psi. This is an excellent device for cutting metal quickly and accurately. A plasma cutter is a machine that facilitates the process of plasma cutting.

Connect your plasma torch to the cutting machine; A plasma cutter will use this electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from a power supply to any conductive material, resulting in a cleaner, faster cutting process than with oxyfuel. This is to ensure that the stream of plasma remains under high pressure.

Connect the earth lead to your workpiece; Connect your plasma cutter to either a 240v or 415v supply. First, adjust the parallelism of the steel plate and the track, and then select the type of cutting nozzle, cutting speed, and piercing time or adjust the current of the plasma power supply according to the thickness of the plate.

How to use a plasma cutter: Plasma cutters operate on a wide range of different psi settings and you must refer to your machines manual to find the correct setting for your machine. It does this by using compressed gas to ionize the air into a plasma arc that actually melts the material being cut.

Plug the ground lead or earth lead into your plasma cutter. Most people use plasma cutters for industrial settings such as automotive repair, marine salvage, and different mechanical applications. After cutting, turn off all power and air sources.

When the electrons in the plasma are used at high speed, the plasma melts the metal to form a cut. This blog will look at how to use the plasma cutter. Operating your plasma cutter and start cutting.

The plasma arc formation begins when a gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, or even shop air is forced through a small nozzle orifice inside the torch. Then pull the trigger on the machine. Some plasma cutters have inbuilt air compressors.

The plasma cutter (or plasma cutting torch) is used to cut through electrically conductive metals such as steel and aluminum. Next, the plasma cutter should be connected to either a 240v or 415v power source (depending on which is suitable for your machine requirement) step 3: A plasma cutter easily cuts metals.

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