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How To Move A Gun Safe On Hardwood Floors

Measure the safe and trace it to the floor. This technique will move the safe to most areas but a.

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Padding your safe before moving has a couple of distinctive purposes:

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How to move a gun safe on hardwood floors. Place the third pipe in front of the safe in direction you are rolling. On the floor under where the safe was to be. It can handle almost any overload without damaging your expensive wood floating floor.

Took the door off with a car jack, then dropped the safe on a moving blanket and scooted it across the wood floor. Tiles (depending on the size) it is ok to place your safe on concrete, but to avoid erosion, place a rug or matt underneath the safe. Moving a gun safe is not an easy task because of its bulky size and weight.

Tape down cardboard with painters blue tape, cover cardboard with plywood and use what ever kind of dolly or pvc pipe you prefer.i have remodeled homes for over 30 years now.i have never messed up a hardwood floor with this method.and you will have to beef up the floor joists if it's a craw space as stated in other reply.my 17 year old son and i moved my 24 gun safe this way with a moving. Like idea of putting something underneath to keep indentations out of floor. 1) it keeps the large and heavy metal safe protected from damage, and 2) it keeps floors, walls, and various household items from getting damaged if the safe happens to bump into them accidentally on the way out of the house;

The hard floor made any pads or runners unnecessary. I like the idea of felt, but that'd make me worry about moisture. As the safe moves off the pipe keep moving the free pipe to the front.

I also use plywood sections to protect flooring. 960lb safe needs moved across a wood floor and will be placed on the same wood floor. Of course, if you ever need to move your safe after it is bolted to your floor, you’ll have holes in your flooring.

Moved an 800 lb safe with my neighbor. When my safe(900 lbs empty) was moved into place across hard tile floor, the safe guys used steel rollers to move the safe upright across the floor. How to protect your hardwood floor the best way to secure your gun safe is by bolting it to the floor.

How to move a gun safe on tile floor. I'd want something to spread the weight. With the pipe and golf ball route make sure you know the makeup of your safes base as mine sits on a 2” elevated frame and don’t think that would work for me.

Carry the safe to that area then use a tape to trace the size of the safe. Delivery truck is on the way with a 39 x 66 950 lb safe. This will help avoid any damage to the safe and the guns, ammunition, etc.

First, we’ll protect the floors and your gun safe by putting blankets and masonite — which is durable compressed wood — on the floors along the path we’ll be taking to move your safe out the door. Even loaded down with guns and ammo, a couple of determined crooks with common moving tools could steal pretty much any safe. 1) any special precautions for moving the safe across wood?2) once moved to the new location how does the same come off the furniture dolly and adjusted into the specific resting place.

The safe is going to be on hardwood floors with crawl space access underneath. That stuff makes a wood floor really slick. Preparing your gun safe for the move.

Glue the safe to the floor. Another reason to use plywood is because it can remain stable under changes of temperature and moisture. Been reading online enough to know that bolting it down, or securing with anchors, etc.

Anyway, figured that would help protect the floors and might make it a little easier to move if decide to switch locations in near future. Since it is ok to keep a gun safe under a bed, you can keep also keep it on the carpet as well. Those that sell safes also sell these but they are much cheaper to make.

Now the safe will roll on the pipes. I had those little rubber feet on my nightstand safe and when i moved it, it pulled some of the laminate up, so i'd avoid rubber directly on the floor. If it turns out we can indeed move your gun safe, here’s what to expect from moving day.

Measure the safe and trace it to the floor. I need to get it up 1 step, from the garage to the foyer, my concern is the floor. Next, we’ll inspect the gun safe for any visible damage.

If your safe is light enough to be moved with a fridge dolly or something similar with rubber tires, then a runner wouldn't be necessary either. Since you don’t want this to happen, you need to secure your safe to the floor. The importance of securing your safe if you can bring your safe inside your home, somebody else can take it out.

Though now my safe will never be moved again as after i secured it to the floor and wall, i built a storage room and bed room around it in a converted garage a couple of years back. Problem is, i don't know much about gun safes or best way to accomplish this task. Look for an ideal area to place your safe in.

After getting the dimensions of the safe, use the traced part. For just leaving impressions, i guess it would depend on the bottom of the safe.

Anchoring Your Gun Safe To The Floor How To Anchor Your Safe Liberty Safe

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Installing A Gun Safe On Hardwood Flooring 4 Things You Need To Know Liberty Safe

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Anchoring Your Gun Safe To The Floor How To Anchor Your Safe Liberty Safe

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