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How To Make A Scarf Top

To make it, fold the scarf in two to make a triangle. Secure the scarf by tying it in front, right in between your boobs.

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How to make a scarf top. For example for a bust round of 36 inches, the scarf width should be 23 inches. According to this tiktok style hack, you can turn a silk scarf into a fashionable halter top using just a necklace. Put it over your bra;

I love coming up with new ways to tie them and new ways to wear them — but one of my favorite times to wear scarves is actually in the summer. My scarf measured 39″ in width by 43″ in height. If you water wash your scarves you can spray the fabric with distilled water and use steam when you iron the hems.

Wrap the long side around your torso above your bust, with the triangle behind your back; Cut strips about 1 inch wide, and stopping 1 inch from top. (or just go on youtube and watch a tutorial.)

We've collected a number of diy scarf tutorials that work well for beginners or advanced crafters. Start by ripping one edge of the fabric from selvedge to selvedge to get a straight line. Wrap ends & tie wrap the two ends behind you, and tie them in a double knot just below the middle of your back.

Following is a transcription of the video. We followed along to figure out how the hack works, and if we could pull it off. Grab ends & center grab the two ends opposite one another, and center the scarf against your chest.

The length of the scarf should be at least 56 inches (for a 27 inch long top). Then, turn the fabric under again and iron the hem once more. (the total width will be halved in the final scarf so you will have to decide on the width you want for the scarf and double this)

We styled three different looks for a photoshoot and final reveal. To make this scarf top you will need a scarf of width equalling half of your bust round + about 5 inches extra. You want your rectangle to be the full width of the fabric (hopefully about 50 inches wide or wider) by 30 to 36 inches.

Then, turn the scarf to one side of your bust, and wrap the loose ends around your arm and tie them. Here is a representation of my two scarves. Then rip the other edge to get a straight line.

Scarves make beautiful accessories for any style, and they can be made in a number of ways. You then layer the scarves on top of each other, right sides facing in. Fold scarf fold the scarf into a triangle.

This has been wrapped twice for this look, and washed so the strips would roll. If you can’t find a tube scarf here are the measurements for my top which is roughly a size 10: Use the top half, cut off sleeves and neck, and cut the bottom at a curve.

Tie the two corners together in front. I got the plain one for about 1.50, and the flower one for about 2.00 i got home and washed them on delicate, then hung them to dry. Tie it in the back;

15 tying ways to turn scarf into fashion top. Fold the square big scarf into a triangle; Making sure the open side of the fold is up, wrap the scarf around your body like a bandeau swimsuit.

To iron a flat hem, turn the fabric under once, at a quarter or third inch width and iron it. You can always make your own binding or bias tape for the neckline using my simple bias tutorials. If you want the top.

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