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How To Make A Lazy Susan With Marbles

Add a layer of marble to the first cake pan and set aside. Set your top pan onto the marbles and your lazy susan.

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In the viral clip, @doitonadimeofficial dumps a handful of marbles into an empty cake pan.


How to make a lazy susan with marbles. These dimensions can be nearly any size to suit your needs. 2 plywood or solid wood boards around ¾” thick cut into 8”x 8” sheets. Basic steps for how to make a lazy susan turntable, shown in the video.

Test it out and see how it turns. If it doesn’t turn well, you’ll need more marbles. By the way, if you need to make a “real lazy susan, click here to read my cheater’s way to add the metal turntable.

It’s quite a simple project that can be done easily in a couple of hours. Building a motorized lazy susan bearing turntable, to shoot beautyshots of the marble machine x parts on. The marble lazy susan filled with my favorite tools to decorate with.

Make your own incredibly inexpensive lazy susan! Here's how to make this lazy susan. This was an improvised one day build using a scrap.

This project is a little photo heavy, but please do not let the quantity of photos scare you. Grab 2 glass pie plates and marblesstep 2: Around 25 marbles of equal size.

You don’t need to paint the inside of the bottom pan where the marbles will go. If it does turn well, then you have yourself a brand new lazy susan. Today's diy is very easy.

Put your items on the top pan and spin. All you need is a set of marbles and two cake pans of the same size. I started off by taking the legs off the stool seat.

We used an epilog fusion 60 watt laser cutter. Just take a pan, pour some marbles in it, put another pan on top and voila! Lazy susan using pie plates and marbles bottom pie plate on table.

In this video i design and build a lasy susan. Nothing to crazy, just a 30 minute little project. Place the marbles in one cake pan and put the other cake pan on top of the marbles.

Made a cheap lazy susan with some scrap mdf, a lazy susan bearing, and some scrap screws and felt. When the clip begins, a bunch of marbles are produced and poured into an empty cake pan. Check out the amazing hack for yourself:

Then, she places another cake pan on top and sticks them into her cabinet. Measure the inside of the pan for cutting your liner. I used a screw driver to do this.

Screw the bottom half of the hardware onto the base of your lazy susan. The most challenging part of this project is drilling into the two marble pieces. Slowly lower the cutting wheel into the granite and make a shallow cut following whichever line to cut.

Fill it up and put it to work! This lazy susan hack need not be restricted to the kitchen either! Lower it again and keep making deeper cuts a little bit at a time until through the whole piece.

A fully functional diy lazy susan. Making a lazy susan with marbles. Place your marbles into one pan and stack the other on top.

It works well in the bathroom as well. Having a base on your lazy susan protects any. Place it in your pan.

Another cake pan is set on top of this one and placed inside of the cabinet. Using items sourced from the dollar tree, this hack is ideal for anyone who hates digging through their cabinets for small items like spices. Today i am going to share how to make a lazy susan at home without using marbles.

Cut out your contact paper or liner paper. Place the second cake pan upside down on a piece of rug gripper. How to make a lazy susan.

With the lazy susan flipped upside down on the ground, he connected the pipe to it using a floor flange with four screw holes. The bearing uses standard marbles and press fits together without any hardware!3d model: Then, you're able to easily spin the top pan around.

Fill it with marbles so they are in one layer and level. Fill the bottom pan most of the way with marbles. A laser cutter capable of engraving into wood*.

Once combined, it creates a lazy susan that works just like the ones you’d purchase. At the end of the line, lift the blade out of the granite and move it back to the beginning of the line.

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