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How To Make A Lazy Susan For Painting

See more ideas about lazy susan, painted lazy susan, hand painted. Then cut out the circle.

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Here are my steps on painting this lazy susan if you want to do the same.


How to make a lazy susan for painting. Nothing to crazy, just a 30 minute little project. Take your lazy susan, flip it upside down onto your paper and trace around it with a marker. If your lazy susan happens to be bigger than the paper you have…then get a smaller circular container to trace onto your paper.

How to paint like a pro with this diy lazy susan incorporating painters triangles. How to make a diy lazy susan. Basically what you’re going to do is measure your cupboard to see how big a lazy susan you can fit into it, cut that sized circle out of a piece of mdf, prime it, paint it and attach the lazy susan bearing onto the bottom.

Learn how to diy a 2' x 2' lazy susan. Steps on painting lazy susan. I then painted the sides and about a 1/4 inch ribbon of green around the edge of the circle.

I also like the fact that she takes things off and does them again when she doesn’t like the immediate result as i am sure we an all relate to that! The paints you can buy for under a dollar each at walmart! When the base paint was dry i set about painting.

I used a wooden tray and made it look rustic with two layers of paint and a sanding. This video is from em4art2 d and she uses the lazy susan to quite good effect by spinning so that the paint changes it’s formation a bit. Adding a little bit of white to my green paint i added a second ribbon around the wood to create the watermelon rind.

I started out by finding center on both pieces of wood and measured the inner circles of the turntable. Steps to make lazy susan step 1) make measurements and mark spots to attach the turntable. See more ideas about painting lazy susans, painting, lazy susans.

I think i have every color! Total cost around $75 for 18 inch with this much detail. See more ideas about lazy susan, painted lazy susan, diy lazy susan.

Cricut (optional but helps to use removable vinyl as a template) polycrylic clear coat. Learn how to make a easy lazy susan with no special tools (no bearings)! Made a cheap lazy susan with some scrap mdf, a lazy susan bearing, and some scrap screws and felt.

Wood round & lazy susan bearing. Tempered glass round (optional) wood burner (optional to burn in the words or just use a paint marker) tips and full steps click here.

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