After consulting the site plan, you should have an idea of where the lid is so search around that spot. By following septic tank pipes, maps, yard inspection, and lid identification, you can easily find septic tanks in an old house.

Septic Tank – How To Locate And Open The Lid Of A Septic Tank – Septic Tank Help And Tips – Youtube

Follow the sewage lines to find your septic tank cover.

How to locate septic tank cover. In most cases, septic tank components including the lid, are buried between 4 inches and 4 feet underground. If you have a basement, you should be able to locate the sewer line and follow it to where it exits the home. You can locate the lid of your septic tank by poking the ground every few feet with a metal probe.

Using a metal detector can help you find the lid faster while a shovel can help uncover it. If you’ve located the septic cover in order to check the levels of your septic tank yourself, the first step is to open the lid. Call 855.925.0760 for septic services how to ensure that the septic tank lid is in top condition

Go to the spot where you think the drain pipe may be exiting the building. As you inspect your property, you can also keep an eye out for the septic lid. Obviously if the site is not flat these septic tank cover depth estimate numbers change.

Lids can be buried up to a foot deep on average, so be sure to investigate any bumps that may indicate something is buried underneath. You can use a metal probe to locate its edges and mark the perimeter. Tips on finding your septic tank and digging out the access covers so you can have the tank pumped or inspected.septic systems come in many varieties, this i.

Septic tanks often have two covers, one for cleaning the tank and one for servicing the pump. To find the septic tank, first check the septic tank map of your property which will have a diagram, with the location of the tank. In case you cannot find the septic tank or its hidden, you can check the crawl space or the basement.

You can also use a metal detector to detect the metallic rods of the septic tank, or look for visual signs in the yard, ask the neighbors where their tanks are located or follow the septic pipes as they exit from your home as they will eventually end in the septic tank. Then, try to locate it. You will most likely find the septic tank outside just where the sewer pipe ends.

Use caution when opening a septic tank lid. Found 12 feet from the foundation wall, at a typical waste line slope of 1/8 to 1/4 per linear foot of run, the septic tank's entry port for the waste line would have to be roughly 3 ft. If you do not find the lid by probing, shallow excavation with a shovel along the tank’s perimeter should reveal the lid.

The most reliable way to find the septic tank and its lid involves consulting the site plan for your property first. This is where you will come across the sewer pipes leaving the property.

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