How To Get Rid Of A Piano In Seattle


Tunes, repairs, moves, rents, and gives pianos away for free. I have to absolutely get rid of it.

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Textiles in any condition are accepted, except those that are wet, mildewed, or infested with moths or bedbugs. Piano art flower

How to get rid of a piano in seattle. We offer free pickup and a donation receipt for tax purposes, if we can accept the donation. Moving companies like west coast piano will partner with different foundations like these to help with the pickup and removal process. However, finding out where to send the various parts of the piano.

If you have the need to get rid of your piano but don't want it to be dumped, we are the right service for you! For every piano that is unwanted or no longer used, there may be dozens of potential recipients in your area looking for a free piano. A picture of any damage to the piano.

Piano finders, when the piano needs a more comprehensive report to establish the justification for its value for a specific purpose. Please provide the details below and one of our volunteers will get in touch with you. Our local trashmen will pick it up if we hire piano movers to place it on the curb.

If you are looking to get rid of a piano that nobody else is interested in you can try this website and see if you can connect with someone. We are a reliable and expedient source to rid yourself of your unwanted piano. Over the years dean has received countless compliments for his excellent tunings and meticulously precise work.

I've tried offering it for free, including moving costs, to likely and even unlikely places, with no luck. Include the year, make, model and the condition of the instrument. Dean petrich, rpt, has been servicing pianos in the greater seattle area since 1973.

Piano adoption is dedicated to finding a new home for all serviceable, free pianos before they end up disposed of in the local landfill. From there, it makes its way to its new home! Outside seattle (south of renton, east of sammamish, north of everett):

One call clears it all. Unscrew the piano desk, or the space where the sheet music rests, to expose the harp. One great resource for people looking to get rid of their pianos is

Piano disposal requires a team of strong movers who have a piano board, furniture dolly or other methods of removing and transporting upright, spinet and baby grand pianos. If you make the call that you have a piano you want to donate, movers will be scheduled. Junk my trash can help you get rid of your old piano, we specialize on piano removal services.

We are dedicated to recycling used pianos, fixing them, and finding them new homes. We came out with 4 employees and carried the piano down the stairs without damaging any of his property. Despite all that’s been said, you may actually be able to extract some cash out of your piano.

Basically, you pay to move out of your home and we will 1st try to donate piano (very hard) / 2nd evaluate piano and see if it can go to a young student delivered and tuned at a reasonable cost (sometimes just not worth it) / 3rd teardown piano and recycle metals and some parts (a lot of work). If the piano’s got to go, give us a call and we can help to arrange the disposal of your piano. To keep these materials out of landfills, king county has partnered with northwest center, a local nonprofit, to offer textile recycling at the bow lake, cedar falls, enumclaw, houghton, renton, shoreline and vashon transfer stations.

Include name, collection address & best contact number, and an overall photograph of the front of the piano, a photograph of the keys, a photograph of the. All the pianos on the site are from private parties who have instruments to give away. Send one email now to [email protected]

We are now worldwide and accept “wanted” ads! Below you can find pictures and information on past piano removal projects completed by busby junk removal. This is a website designed for people who want to find pianos but can’t afford one.

One great resource for people looking to get rid of their pianos is The owner called us, we quoted him a price and he asked us to handle his seattle piano removal project. If it is a player grand piano.

We are a reliable and expedient source to rid yourself of your unwanted piano. Open the piano lid and key cover to see inside the piano. We can move it with as little as one weeks’ notice, at a competitive rate.

Seattle piano recycling has over a decades experience in the piano hauling and moving industry. Sweep and clean under the old piano; Wood can go to a piano shop or high school wood shop, to be used for making new things.

Loosen the screws on the piano key cover to remove. Raise the top lid (if it is a grand piano, slide forward and remove the music desk assembly) a picture of the model number usually molded into the cast plate. Our professional movers then come pick up your piano and transport it to the snowman foundation where restoration begins.

Dean has a personal database of over 3000. Thank you for choosing us to donate your piano. How to get rid of a piano in seattle.

So even though it may seem like someone can get some use out of it, it’s quite likely going to be more trouble than good for the new owner. If you're getting ready to get rid of your old piano, you may want to dismantle it first for easier transportation. Steel wire, copper, and hardware can often be recycled.

A picture of the serial number which is usually black ink numbers on the cast plate. Your trusted source for piano repairs & tuning. Disposing of a piano is much trickier than getting rid of your average load of junk, and not every junk removal company is qualified to remove a piano.

Nobody wants my 100 year old concert upright piano. If the answer is yes to all of the above questions, we will collect and recycle / rehome your old unwanted piano, free of charge, nationwide often within the week, at worst, within 3 weeks. As a piano or keyboard owner, you can sell an instrument directly out of your home and without a salesperson helping you, saving yourself any cost of goods sold expense.

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