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How To Get Razor Recipe Genshin Impact

Talk to harris and he will give you the goulash recipe… You can get the razor character in genshin impact without having to gacha, here is the review.

Puppy-paw Hash Brown Genshin Impact Wiki Fandom

Most users will need to perform a lot of gacha pulls in order to unlock razor in genshin effect.


How to get razor recipe genshin impact. Blacksmith recipes are free items that any player can easily gain access to and make in genshin impact. To get razor in genshin effect, players must be lucky, even if it isn’t the preferred option. Check out any of our other guides for more information on the jrpg that has been likened to the legend of zelda:

Briefly, genshin impact pizza recipe can be found in a precious chest at stormterror’s lair. Players are able to get the recipe for mondstadt hash brown by completing the domain temple of the wolf after reaching adventure rank 15. Like many other characters in the game, razor can be obtained through the wishes from the gachapon shop , spending our destinations or protogems that we have accumulated.

Get the great snowboar king meat after melting and killing all encased boars in the region. Bird egg sushi is a recipe for a food item in genshin impact 2.2. Hit it perfectly, and you’ll cook an extra tasty version of the recipe you selected which gives additional bonuses when consumed.

3 raw meat, 3 potato, 1 small lamp grass, 1 cheese. How to get razor in genshin impact? But the damage it has is very strong with a wide area attack.

Head to the north of the tower and pay attention to the place above the “o” in stormterror's lair. Cook pile ‘em up using diluc or purchase from sara. Here's what you can craft and the uses each items has.

Razor was previously available in. Razor's specialty (3★) 12 /50. How to get razor in genshin impact.

To forge items, you will need to gather ore from around the. After reaching adventure rank 21, they can obtain the recipe by completing the eagle’s gate domain. Guide contains bird egg sushi required ingredients, recipe, how to get, & locations.

Razor can only be obtained as a random gacha pull in genshin effect. Eagle’s gate is located in cape oath, galesong hill, and mondstadt. It seems like the chance of cooking a character's specialty is different from character to character.

Stormterror’s lair is wide, which makes looking for a specific chest. Get 10 pieces of chilled meat. Razor is one of the most powerful dps characters in genshin impact.

While all characters in genshin impact can be obtained via the gacha wish system (see our guide on how to get more characters for a. In case if you missed out the opportunity, don’t worry, he is more likely to return at some point in the times to come. Favorite character poll results released!

He will only be available untill the server refreshes later today. Honestly, you'll probably get razor by accident. The game has randomised loot boxes, and the only way to unlock razor is to get lucky.

Do you like this video? Genshin impact wiki is a fandom games community. Razor has electro elements and is perfect for fighting allies.

In order to get razor in genshin impact, you will have to shell out 34 masterless starglitter. How to get cold cut platter recipe in genshin impact and how to prepare it.in genshin impact, the cold cut platter is a recipe that players can prepare in any cooking pot. How to get razor in genshin impact.

View source history talk (0) watch 02:59. Although this character has only 4 stars. Based on our tests, it also seems like you are less likely to get the specialty dish if the base dish has a high star rate.

How to complete where is the unseen razor in order to start this mission players will first need to make sure they are at least adventure rank 12 because that will allow them to start taking part in daily commissions. Blacksmith recipes allow you to forge powerful items and weapons from ore. Increases party members crit rate and dmg by 20%.

The razor genshin impact group member has a rarity rating of four stars. The sliced egg roll is placed over seasoned rice. Every blacksmith recipe in the game.

To complete the ah fresh meat genshin impact quest, follow these instructions. Since the chances of pulling the genshin impact razor are so slim, opening the wolf boy could take a long time. How to get bird egg sushi recipe.

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