“ organizing all of your jewelry wire “. If it's a link/mesh type, gently manipulate the area till it lies flat.


Use small repeated strokes as you pull away, “teasing” the chain away from the knot.


How to get a kink out of a necklace chain. When the necklace comes out through the bottom of the straw, reconnect the two ends of your necklace. There are a couple chains out there that are notorious for kinking… i’ll name them. This video shows how easy it is to untangle a chain or necklace.

You must gently untangle the chain with the pins. If necessary, use a magnifying glass to see the area. If you get it caught on your sweater and pull it off, is it going to tangle up and kink?

A good trick is to lay the chain down on a flat surface. If you have a pair of jewelers pliers (or pliers with smooth jaws), try to flatten the kinked part between the jaws, with light pressure. This little tip will keep you from getting the dreaded “wire kinks” in the first place.

Here’s the biggest question of all time. A good trick is to lay the chain down on a flat surface. Tap the kink lightly with a jeweler’s hammer or small rubber mallet.the best way to get a kink out of a necklace is with to fine pins.the classic snake chain link style is a sleek style of chain.the gaps in this style of chain are designed to be minimal to give way to the luxurious shiny appearance, much like the omega chain.

Jewelers can do a nifty trick to get it flatter… laying the chain flat and rolling the kink out with a round object like a pen or a mandrel (like a rolling pin over dough). Insert a safety pin into the gold chain where the knot is. (plus, you can wear your pendant or necklace again!) it’s not difficult to get rid of a knot!

One moment, your favorite necklace is around your neck, and the next thing you know, the chain’s in pieces because of a sharp tug. Other than that, if it's a good piece of jewelry, you will have to see a jeweler. Sometimes it’s best to put the pin through the middle of the knot and use your fingers or another pin to delicately tease out the chain.

Don’t forget we have another video that shows you how to straighten wire with your fingertip. The kink will come back. The oil, no matter which one you have on hand, will help to separate the pieces of the chain and dissolve the knot.

You have the herringbone chain in the lead. A variant of the snake chain (also known as a flat snake chain), this kind of chain is difficult to repair because it has a tendency to quickly unravel into a tangled mess. Use the two pins to untie the knot.

I had a lot of practice in the 80’s, glad ” when working with 28g wire you will find that it has a. Yet, there is a way to fix the kinks that can be found in gold chains.

Put a paper towel on the counter. Examine the chain carefully to determine where the kink is located. The best way to get a kink out of a necklace is with to fine pins.

Put the necklace on top of that. So, get those unused wires organized in a bag, in your envelopes and store it in a case. Check for areas in the knots that can be loosened.

The paper towel will absorb the excess oil. Place your necklace on a flat surface. Jewelers often need to use a trick to lay the plated links out flat in order to remove kinks.

Rolling the chain out will help flatten the chain as much as possible, but it will always be weak in that area. I can get a knot out of a chain in just a minute or two. Put a drop of oil on the knot.

The oil will loosen the knot. How to remove a knot from a chain. Unhook the necklace and stretch it out to its full length.

Lay the chain on a bench block and rub with a burnisher, hammer if you want. This works for me every time, even with very fine chains. But then again, i have had some frazzled chains that have taken me over an hour to do.

How to get a knot ou. This is a very flat chain. How to get a kink out of your necklace.

This method may work best with thinner necklaces, and necklaces that don't have an attached and immovable pendant in the center of the chain. The needles are your way of extracting the knot once the oil has loosened up the chain. Oil, which can mean vegetable oil, olive oil, or even baby oil!

How to unkink a miami cuban link chain necklace. If the necklace chain knot is very stubborn or the chain is very fine, use a safety pin/needle (or two) to help pull the knot apart and guide the chain through the loops. Use a magnifying glass to see a close up view of the knotted area of the necklace.

Pull the chain gently away from the center of the kink using the second pin. How to get a knot out of a necklace.

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