How To Fray Jean Shorts Quickly

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I’d do this in front of a mirror so you can eyeball it. These are particularly helpful when going over the zipper area.

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So, don’t buy distressed cutoff shorts expensive as you can make them quickly at home with this simply provided hack.


How to fray jean shorts quickly. (2.5″ versus the 3″ i folded them to) 2. Scrape the hem away from your body using firm, short and quick strokes repeatedly. For a natural fray, like in the second picture, just cut the jean shorts in a straight line and leave them to fray naturally.

Try on your jeans and fold them to the length you want them to be after you cut them. How can i fray & distress jean shorts myself? Trim down your old jeans to a length you want, next fray the bottom and here you go.

It will cause the edges to fray more. Stop when this section is frayed on both sides. Firmly grip the bottom of the jeans at about halfway down the opening.

When you have pulled out the threads at the cut ends, wash the jeans in the washing machine. The more often you wear jeans now, the more they will fray at the ends by themselves. A quick spin cycle in the washing machine will help to speed this up.

Always keep the sharp side of the knife facing the opposite direction. Using a disposable razor scuffs the material and causes it to fray. This will work well unless you do not go high enough and some of the loose fibers make it past your stitching.

Open your scissors wide and place it just below your hand. Fray the pockets and edges. You can use this process all over your shorts for a distressed look.

So i am going to spare you all that and tell you my best kept secret. To scrape the edges, you want to place the razor flat on your shorts and rub it back and forth quickly. Draw a line around the bottom of your jeans using chalk;

I erred on the longer side to be safe. To achieve the desired effect, make sure you set a relatively high spin speed when washing. The next thing you’ll need to do is put on the jeans and roll the hem up to the point where you’d like them to hit on your ankle.

One of the easiest ways to fray shorts is to wash them immediately after cutting them. Turn your jeans inside out and place tiny stitches at the top of the frame to avoid them from unraveling too far (optional) But if you do not want cropped style jeans, then just above the ankle is fine.

Let’s make this short and to the point! You already know you need a pair of scissors, mark the length you want your jeans to be, and so on. For a fuller fray, you will need to use scissors or craft knife to shred all.

How to fray jean bottoms. Finish the cut edge of your shorts with a serger to keep it from fraying. Repeat on the other leg.

Dry the shorts in a dryer to further fray. With a disposable razor, scrape the edges and hems of your shorts. Cutting to the seam changes the whole fit of the jeans, the way they hang.

Simply toss the shorts into the washer with the rest of your laundry, and start a cycle. Measure the folded portion of the jeans to determine how many inches you want to. Very carefully cut around the line being sure to leave the inseam a bit longer;

If you are using a pocketknife or a steak knife to fray the ends of your denim skirt, make sure to follow through with your strokes away from your body rather than towards it. Using your tweezers, pull tiny pieces of the hem out for a frayed look; Flip the pant leg over so the frayed section is now at the top.

Wash and dry the shorts if you want a natural effect. Roll up the edge to the length you want (typically the 1 to 2″ you added when you first cut the shorts). One of the quickest ways to fray denim is with a regular disposable shaving razor or sandpaper.

First of all, you need to wear jeans, then to cut off jeans, chalk mark the line of your preferred length. Stitch the rolls down at the side seam so they stay in place. Here is what i did:

Then, take the jeans off (carefully!) and lay them on a flat surface.

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