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How To Fish A Spinnerbait For Bass

The best lure size for this is 3/8 to 1/2 oz, since this size is easier to keep high in the water column. Eel grass is a grassy area that spotted bay bass like to hide and forage for food.

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The spinnerbait is one of the best moving bass catching baits out there.


How to fish a spinnerbait for bass. Start your retrieve by letting the spinnerbait fall to the bottom and then slowly lift your rod so the lure rises a foot or two off the bottom. In order for a spinnerbait to lure in bass, the fish need to be able to see the bait from the bottom of the water. If you can see the bottom, you can fish the spinnerbait.

If the water you are fishing has got predators in it, then there is a chance of catching them on a spinnerbait. Here’s some tips to help you catch more fish when bass fishing spinnerbaits. How to fish a spinnerbait:

If the water is dark or murky, the bait will be largely ineffective. The coolest thing about a spinnerbait is how it grabs a bass’s attention, and how versatile it is to fish at a variety of different depths. These include fish such as pike, walleye, muskie, salmon, and perch.

All of these fish may strike at your spinnerbait whilst out bass fishing. With the onset of bladed jigs and swim jigs, this classic fish catcher has been somewhat forgotten in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less. Fishing the spinnerbait for salty bass is just like freshwater bass, only saltier.

If you aren’t familiar with fishing a spinnerbait it can be pretty simple, but there are a few things you can do that will dramatically increase your odds at catching bigger and more bass. This is to not give bass as long to inspect your bait in crystal clear conditions. A common technique used with spinnerbaits is to burn them as fast as possible right underneath the water surface, which can trigger a reaction strike from a bass.

There are many great lures, baits, and presentations to fish with when targeting bass. These wired lures contain a spinner blade attached to an overhead wire with a skirted lead head jig below to trick bass into thinking it’s a tasty bait fish. Spinnerbaits are one of the stable mainstays in any bass.

When using spinnerbaits to catch bass that are hunting baitfish, always try to mimic the colors of the baitfish species with the blades of your spinnerbait. That can be a key because sometimes those fish will slide down the sides or move down to the bottom of the ledge because of pressure, weather and other variables. Scout a good fishing location by trawling around a lake and peering down through the water.

Knowing how to fish a spinnerbait makes for a fantastic option. A spinnerbait is an excellent moving bait that can be used in a variety of scenarios and situations. Spinnerbaits go all the way back to the early days of bass angling as a sport.

That’s not an issue on overcast days or in turbid water, so slow down your retrieve in darker conditions. A nice slow roll along the bottom can usually be enough to draw out a big strike. Bass are probably the most popular fish to target on them, but several other species are quite partial to this type of bait as well.

The key for bolton with a spinnerbait is that he can fish a ledge effectively from the top of a ledge, all the way down the side of the ledge to the very bottom of the ledge. It seems like if you can keep the spinnerbait ticking the cover and bumping some ambush point, the fish are taking the spinnerbait pretty savagely. The basic concept of how to fish a spinnerbait is rather simple, just cast it out and retrieve it back.

I’ve put together a simple step by step spinnerbait guide to help get you started. However, you will catch more fish and can catch giant bass by knowing the intricacies behind getting the most out fishing a spinnerbait. For example, if they are chasing shad, use shad colored blades, which will trigger their feeding behavior.

While this very basic approach can catch fish. These hooks last and are extremely sharp. Fish the spinnerbait in clear water.

Rip the spinner bait quickly for reaction strikes. A really effective technique around eel grass is the spinnerbait. In addition, there are times when a trailer hook, an additional hook attached to the regular hook, is useful to land more fish.

All of which can provide. Learn how to make spinnerbaits, then use them to catch bass in this fishing tips & tricks video. On bright days in clear water, run your spinnerbait fast.

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