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How To Clean Wooden Blinds With Tapes

How to clean decorative tapes or strings on a wooden blind? Contrasting fabric tapes are a beautiful addition to the wooden venetian blind.

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Use a damp cloth to tackle any stubborn marks.


How to clean wooden blinds with tapes. The tapes form part of the mechanism, helping to control the tilt of each slat and are also used to raise and lower the blind. Wipe the cord and rod: Extended exposure to moisture can damage the wood blinds.

If you have any further questions or need advice on any aspect of wooden blinds… So there you have it, my best methods for cleaning wooden blinds, both real and faux! If you have cloth tapes, test them for colorfastness with a bit of water and a white towel.

Hopefully the bleach bath worked. This is more challenging than cleaning the slats, as fabrics are much better at absorbing dust, grime, grease and bacteria. You can of course have them pulled up, or let all the way down.

Take our white wood slat blind with rusty red coloured fabric tape or our ebony wood coloured slat blind with olive fabric tape. Just mix 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water in a bowl and use a cloth to wipe the blinds using the methods above. One thing to note is that you can’t buy a blind with tapes and then remove them.

Do not use abrasive cleaners which may damage the finish or paint. Routeless blinds slats (those with no holes through the middle) can be removed from for easier cleaning. The best way to clean the decorative tapes or strings is to spot clean them.

Contrasting tapes add boldness and are a beautiful addition to your wooden blinds. They add style and a splash of colour, giving your space that trendy look. Tapes help conceal the little holes in the slats through which cords of the laddering run, giving your window coverings a tidy and clean look.

These will typically not leave a stain or discolor the tapes. (one hook holds tapes on each side.) Go over both the cord and rod with a dry cloth then open your blinds.

Get a microfiber cloth lightly damp with soapy water and wipe the cord from top to bottom to remove grime. Dry each slat with a clean cloth. We recommend you first test an area of the fabric tapes that are hidden on the window blinds.

401017this video will show you the proper way of replacing the cloth tape in your wood, faux wood, or venetian blinds.the tools you'll need for thi. Vinegar is an amazing cleaning solution that’s antibacterial. Hold the tape, supporting it, and gently blot the stained area of the fabric.

Three different takes on how to clean wooden blinds with tapes that have small or localised marks on them: However, be warned that once you decide on getting the wooden blinds with the tapes, it is not possible to remove them at will. Pull out hooks that hold tapes in place at the top of blind.

100% polyester fabric tapes can be cleaned. In order to spot clean decorative tapes or edge binding, use fabric cleaning wipes found at any grocery store. Repeat this to get sticky fingerprints off of the rod.

Speaking of wooden blinds, these specific types of blinds can come with decorative tapes or without them upon request. If they're dirty, soak them in detergent solution, then rinse and dry them thoroughly on both sides. Other options for a deeper clean include white vinegar, baking soda and other natural cleaning solutions.

With blinds or without, if either style has piqued your interest then please have a look across our range. The fabric tapes add boldness and make a statement. We will be keeping ours down, to give the look of shutters.

• stained blinds, like wood furniture, should be treated periodically with lemon oil or other wood preservative to protect their finish and enhance their luster. Another method of spot cleaning decorative tapes is with cool distilled water and a clean white cloth. Use a soft, moist (once more, definitely not wet!) cloth, and plain old water alone.

Scrub them clean with a microfiber cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Then close the blind and open in the opposite direction to clean the underside of the slats. How to clean wooden blinds with tapes.

They will typically not leave a stain or discolor the fabric. This is because the tapes are part of the blinds’ mechanism in. They certainly help me to keep my make my blinds* ones looking brand new.

If not you may need to consider replacing your blinds. Open your blind and clean the top of each slat by running the duster across the slat, starting at the centre and working outwards. Hold the tape, supporting it, and gently blot the stained area of the fabric.

Decorative cloth tapes when cleaning cloth tapes, consider the material they are made of. Remove slats one by one, stacking them in order. Most fabric tapes can be cleaned with fabric cleaning wipes.

This is the wisest route to try first, before considering getting out the big guns. Move the vacuum in the direction of the fabric weave to prevent damage.

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