These days, mercedes provides you with a smart key fob to lock and unlock your car with. In order to change your smartkey® battery:

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Mercedes Benz Key Fob Battery Replacement Change – Diy – Youtube

In this short guide, we’ll show you all the steps to take.


How to change mercedes key battery 2018. Push the key into the narrow and flat end of the fob to open the key cover. Your keyless remote or key fob won’t unlock doors. Smartkey(r) battery replacement instructions to replace the battery on the smartkey(r) batteries:

Replace the existing cr 2025 batteries with two new ones. Then simply replace the battery with a new cr 2025. Take the battery compartment out.

Slide the lever on your key fob to the left, and remove the valet key. Pull on the bottom tab of the key, away from the rest of the fob. Pull the latch at the end of the key holder.

Remove the battery, and dispose of it. It’s important to make sure the new battery is facing the right way! The gap will be apparent after the key has been removed.

Your mercedes key fob doesn’t work after changing the battery. Tools needed for changing a mercedes battery. Posted on april 18, 2018 december 8, 2019 by mbz master.

Put the key fob back together and test each button shortly to confirm function. Insert the key in the tiny gap inside the fob. Then, push it into the narrow opening to unlatch and loosen the.

We strongly recommend using a lithium battery like these one s, as they last much longer. Once the battery compartment is opened, replace the batteries. 13mm socket wrench — you will use this when you take out the bracket that holds the battery in place.

Your problem is likely that the fob can start the car but will not allow you to. Battery replacement 2003 2009 mercedes benz e350 2008. Place your key horizontally in the slot located at the center.

Get the appropriate replacement battery. Then, replace it with your new battery. The newer chrome smartkey® calls for one cr 2025 battery while the older smartkey® calls for two.

The panic button and/or trunk unlock features don’t work. 10mm socket wrench — you will need this to disconnect the battery from the positive and negative terminals. Pull until the key releases.

How to change mercedes key battery. These little keys are powered by batteries, so you need to change them from time to time. Remove the old battery, and.

Your mercedes key fob has stopped working with no warning or explanation. Replace the old cr 2025 batteries with two new batteries. Pin on how to change battery in a key fob remote.

Get the battery compartment removed. There are several mercedes smart key remotes so make sure to look at the correct video. Then, you should see a small gap in the fob where the key was.

When the cover of your key is off, you’ll see the old battery. When changing a chrome key battery, pull on the tab at the bottom, push the key into the narrow end of the slot to remove the cover, and replace the battery. It is recommended to pull the latch too high on the keyholder.

Instructions to change the battery in your chrome key, follow these steps: The battery can be found on the cover once the lid has been removed. Replace the battery in your chrome key.

First you need to identify which key you have. If you have trouble with replacing your key. To replace the battery in your key fob, pull the latch at the end of the key holder, push your key horizontally into the open slot, and then lift the battery out of the compartment.

When changing a chrome key battery, pull on the tab at the bottom, push the key into the narrow end of the slot to remove the cover, and replace the battery. In order to change your chrome key battery: Put your key horizontally into the open slot.

To change a mercedes key battery, start by pulling the silver tab at the bottom of the key holder back to release the manual key. Once you separate the tab, you’ll see a small gap in the fob. Chrome key battery replacement steps.

The old battery must be removed and the new one installed in the right position on the fob.

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