Do not use a riding mower as it is too heavy and its powered wheels can tear up the new sod. Do not flood your new sod with water.

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Other recommendations for taking care of your new sod grass.

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How to care for new sod ontario. The sod should be soaked with water as soon as it's laid. The numbers you use don't have to be the same. If you plan to add new sod to your landscaping soon, then now is the time to learn how to care for your sod properly.

Always make sure to water your new sod in the morning or evening to allow maximum moisture absorption! You’ll also want to hold off on mowing it until the roots are properly established. Edges and corners between sod rolls along with grass beside pavement are more susceptible to drying out.

0 to 7 days after installation of new sod grass. Once the lawn and soil are thoroughly wet, water 3 to 5 times a day, so the sod. Water the sod as soon as possible after it is installed.

This article will walk you through each stage to ensure that your new sod has the best start possible! The soil on the back of the sod should be damp to wet. Water heavy the first irrigation cycle to wet the new sod and the soil profile to a depth of four to six inches.

Most new sod will only need a max of two waterings a day during the summer months. Watering new sod day 1. The roots start to extend themselves into the soil below.

If the soil is firm, lift a corner of the sod in several places. Watering is done differently as time passes. We recommend watering your sod 3 times a day.

Take care not to walk or run on new sod, as this can prevent the fragile young roots from developing properly. Water your new sod at least three times a day the first two weeks for at least 15 to 20 minutes in every area of your lawn. Having a routine watering schedule is an absolute must.

All you want to do is keep it moist. You will want to focus more watering attention here. For the first two weeks after installation, there are some essential tips to know about caring for your sod lawn.

Read on to learn about common sod problems, their potential causes, and their solutions. It is essential to keep newly installed sod wet the first week. There are a few things you should know before getting started.

Post sod lawn installation tips. Once the ground freezes for the season, there is no need to water, as the sod will go into a dormant state and finish rooting in the spring. The first week of your new sod installation is crucial.

Your new lawn/sod will require plenty of water in the first few days. Keep in mind that morning frost will not kill the new sod, rather it will add moisture naturally after it thaws. Thankfully, most new sod problems are fixable, especially when caught during their early stages of development.

After your first mowing water once a day at 8 am for the following week. This is also when you should mow your new lawn for the first time after laying sod. It is imperative you douse your sod with water as soon as you lay it, within the first hour at the latest.

The soil should be damp, not dripping wet or dusty dry. Do not water late in the evenings or at night. Then water thoroughly on a daily basis for one week.

It’s almost impossible to see overwatering of new sod. This will help the roots take faster and become stronger. New sod watering schedule first and second week.

Watch the colour of the sod. Approximately 15 minutes after your sod is laid down, you’ll want to water it thoroughly. Keep pets & children away from running around on your new lawn installation.

Fertilize the new sod and water the area so that the fertilizer sinks into the soil and starts to release its components. Watering during the hottest parts of the day can burn your new grass. Water your new sod in the morning or the evening, when temperatures are cooler.

This helps it grow uninterrupted and allows it. Watering new sod is an essential step in the process of establishing your lawn. Check your lawn at least once per day, or more than once if it's hot or windy.

Your new sod can be mowed when it looks like it needs mowing (approximately 1 week after installation). Mother nature usually takes over and keeps everything pretty hydrated. Watering frequently keeps the delicate roots from drying out, especially if your sod is exposed to full sunlight, and it prevents the sod from shrinking in size.

Tips for new sod care. Turn off your water for 1 to 2 days to firm the soil to allow foot and mower traffic. You can start going two days between watering new sod.

That time is, however, dependent on how much water your sprinkler emits. Monitor the moisture in the soil as the sod starts to go dormant. For the first two weeks of laying it down, don’t allow foot traffic on it.

To care for new sod, you will need to water it appropriately and help it establish its root system. It’s best to do it in the early morning and late afternoon. This stage requires the most watering, as the roots need as many nutrients from the water to grow.

For the first 2 weeks (14 days ) we recommend that you avoid walking on your new sod grass. You can irrigate fewer times if the temperatures are not high and it is not sunny. Reduce watering to three times a week the next week and then once a week thereafter.

After about three weeks, you can begin watering every other day and after about a month you can begin watering as you would an established lawn, as the roots of your new sod should be established. Below are some ways to ensure adequate care for your new sod. Be sure to set your mower to the highest setting possible in order to avoid cutting it too close to the root.

New sod is more vulnerable to diseases, being wet for long periods of time can encourage this.

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