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How Much To Make A 6.0 Bulletproof

One of our bulletproof diesel certified mechanics typically answer in minutes! We’ll consider the bulletproof 6.0 ficm option a toss up.

Bullet Proof Diesel Heavy Duty Engine Oil Cooler Diesel Diesel Oil Ford Diesel

Without stretching things too much, i can say a 6.0l powerstroke can go up to 400k miles in top conditions.


How much to make a 6.0 bulletproof. Looking for a bulletproof 6.0l? If you do a simple internet search for 6.0 bulletproof, you'll return thousands of results. That said, do not get a 6.4, the 6.0 has some issues but they can be prevented.

There isn't a dodge or chevy that's wanted action. That had the same amount of $$ into it. The truck is absolutely stout.

It wasn’t cheap, but i know that my engine will last a lot longer. If you check around there may be a local mechanic willing to do the work from home in his spare time and you can buy the parts saving even more $$. Bulletproof egr cooler complete kit, bullet proof diesel international maxxforce dt, 9 and 10.

Aftermarket parts company bulletproof diesel has done all the difficult work needed to figure out how to make 6.0 liter ford power stroke engines far more reliable. Our 6.0s either have bulletproof parts, as shown in the options section, or you can add the stage one bulletproof powerstroke 6.0 kit for $2900 at purchase! I had a local ford dealer mechanic (off duty at home) do the head gaskets, studs, oil cooler, egr delete, and stc fittings on my 04 6.0, charged me something like $1200 in labor.

The truck runs so much better. Waterpump with cnc aluminum impeller, $250 from bulletproof diesel (this one you don't have to do, i just didn't want it going out after a coolant flush and end up wasting all the money on new coolant) The basics of fixing or bulletproofing the ford 6.0l, which was manufactured for ford by international, revolve around the oil cooler and exhaust gas recirculation (egr) systems.

I did my research and saved my money and had them do the work. Installing a bulletproof kit is very labor intensive, so expect to pay a couple thousand in labor costs. The fuel injection control module (ficm) is a crucial computer component, like a pcs’ sound or video card.

Large vgt's 68mm with 205's and bigger. How much it costs to bulletproof a 6.0 with oil cooler change is in the range of $3,000 to $4,000. Full egr delete and bulletproof on 06 6.0 f350 458 head studs, you name it it's been done.

The biggest difference between all of these kits is the number and types of components they include. I love my 6.0, and fully intend to keep it and keep it running for as long as i live. I want to say that i had my ford psd 6.0 bulletproofed at bulletproof diesel in january 2018.

With an act programmer, and dct scanner. These five pattern failures are the main reason why the 6.0l has the reputation for needing some extra love. The 6.4 is a time bomb on wheels.

How much to make a 6.0 bulletproof. There are many, many companies out there selling many, many different kinds of solutions. Oem head gaskets with oem head bolts (not studs)

I had overheating problems last summer here in hot texas. Although that’s a rare case for many people, after going through detailed. When things do go wrong, you want to do it right so you never have to repeat the repair, or worse, damage your engine.

62/70 190's and nos probably over 600hp. Discussion starter · #1 · feb. If you have any questions, please reach out on the chat to the right.

If you are doing things correctly and have got the right engine, you can expect the 6.0 powerstroke to last for 400k miles. That company’s bulletproof 6.0 package has become a best seller among ford truck owners who prize reliability above all else. Bulletproof egr undelete kit, ford 6.0l diesel, round egr cooler.

I mean sure a 6.7 is a better option but the price difference between a bulletproof 6.0 and a 6.7 is massive. In operation since 1977 alpine armoring offers bulletproof options to your vehicle, from an a1 (0.38 caliber) to a12 (0.50 caliber) levels. Fuel injection control module (ficm) power supply.

Don’t be scared to buy a 6.0. How to tell that this guy is lying about having a head gasket coating Bulletproofed 6.0l powerstroke are trucks that have already had the significant, necessary improvements made to make the trucks more reliable.

The truck is a monster.

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