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Upgrade from FreeMedForms to FreeHealth


Be sure to backup your databases before any upgrade: backup FreeMedForms data


You can safely upgrade to FreeHealth from the following version of FreeMedForms:

  • 0.9.4
  • 0.9.6
  • 0.9.7
  • 0.9.8

If you are using a version older than 0.9.4, we recommend that you first update to FreeMedForms 0.9.4 before attempting to up upgrade to FreeHealth.


FreeHealth can be installed over an existing installation of FreeMedForms. You have nothing special to do: just answer yes to these two questions during the installation process:

  • “We found a FreeMedForms user directory. Do you want to use this directory with FreeHealth?”
  • “We found a FreeMedforms parameter directory. Do you want to use this directory with FreeHealth?”

FreeHealth will copy these two folders and use existing databases (MySQL databases for network mode or SQLite databases for single computer mode).

Once FreeHealth is running, you should uninstall FreeMedForms.

We will ensure that you can upgrade to FreeHealth from any future versions of FreeMedForms.

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