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Free and open source Electronic Health Record

  • EHR will forever be free & open source, independent & ad free
  • contributors are physicians, pharmacists, computer scientists, free software developers and health students
  • is building free and open source software for health professionals, worldwide
  • is protected by the GPLv3 free software license: it cannot be owned or sold. We respect the privacy, the rights and the freedoms of our users and contributors
  • Available for Linux, macOS & Windows
  • Download FreeHealth EHR free of charge!

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What can do for you?

Cross-platform is a free and open source software, available for all current platforms (GNU / Linux, macOS, Windows). It can be adapted to various healthcare needs: all medical specialties, allied healthcare professions, nursing and veterinary profession. It can be used in different settings: single office or group office, community healthcare center, clinic, hospital.


Adaptable and highly scalable patient file
The patient file is fully editable. Charts are based on various arrangements of Qt widgets according to an XML file which can be modified to best suit your requirements. You can also customize your main patient file by adding subforms. comes with an extensive list of charts, forms, subforms and medical scores.


Shared multi-user schedule can manage your schedule. Create an appointment for your patients with a single click! Using client-server technology, you can delegate schedule management to your assistant.


Smart management of PMHx
With its PMHx component, prepares the patient file for automatic computations such as the identification of potentially inappropriate medications in the elderly (still experimental).


Pharmaceutical drugs and interactions has a prescription module. Several drugs databases are available (Canada, France, South-Africa, USA). This module can detect drug-drug interactions as well as patient-drug interactions. Its data are open and verifiable (distributed under GPLv3).


Multi-user is fully multi-user capable. You can set up user profiles such as: doctors, nurses, caretakers, secretaries, students.


Ergonomic and configurable
The user experience can be tailored to individual needs through its many user preferences..


Respectful of classifications integrates medical classification and medical coding: ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical) and ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) are available.


High quality printing and ecology produces high quality output: you can define your personal headers, footers, and a watermark. “Print two pages per sheet” option will save on paper and ink.


Downloadable datapacks
Every practitioner has special needs. servers provide installable datapacks. For example, you can select your drugs database (with or without interactions), classifications like ICD 10, new sets of forms, pre-written documents to use for your printings, zipcode database…

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