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New alpha version for FreeDiams: 0.5.9~alpha1

Alpha versions are only provided for testing purpose. You should not use an alpha version in current practice.
  • This alpha version brings lots of improvements on the user interface.
  • The dynamic alerts are fully reviewed as well as the interaction synthesis dialog
  • The new drugs database is here with all drugs sources into one big database shared with the OpenReact project
  • Possibility for users to create more complex prescription with drugs coming from different countries (with one more click)
  • Very first implementation of potentially inappropriate medication detection (only Beers list available, and only for non diagnosis related PIMs). This is the start !
  • New prescription XML file
  • Still improved stability

Help us

  • This release was made for you to help on the project. Testers are welcome, translators too. You can share with us your comments, feature requests, wishes…


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