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Printer engine settings

This page is up-to-date.
Print engine preferencesPrint engine preferences

You can define:

  • The default printer to use (specifying one or using the system default printer or always ask user for the printer)
  • Some print settings like : always 2nup, always print duplicatas
  • Manage the PDF cache print system

The 2 n-up printing

When this settings is selected, the print engine allow, natively and without any configuration of the printer driver, to print two Nup. This kind of printing is really usefull for the duplicatas and lowering the paper and printer usage.

This option can be modified in the print dialog.

The print PDF cache system

When you select it, the printer engine will keep a PDF copy of each print in a cache dir that you can specify. The application will never clean this dir or remove PDF files so it is up to the user or their EMR or admin to look after this.

The Print dialog includes a ghosted, display-only checkbox “Create a PDF copy in the cache directory” to inform the status of this preference. Additionally, the print dialog supplies a button “PDF”. This makes it possible to save a PDF manually.

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