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RichTextEditor user manual

This page is up-to-date.

The rich text editor allows you to edit structured and complex text. You can change the appearance of text (bold, italics, underline, color …), the appearance of paragraphs (alignment) and add / modify tables (it is possible to nest tables).

Its appearance is an area of text entry on multiple lines.

The functions of the editor are available:

  • From the main menu of the application (if the editor is contained in the main window


  • From a toolbar maskable located below the input area,
  • From a menu,
  • From keyboard shortcuts.

The contextual menu

Call the context menu using right-click inside the text box (or Ctrl+click for MacOS).
This allows you quick access to commands:

  • File access (open, save)
  • Editing (copy, paste, cut, undo, redo)
  • Text formatting (bold, italic …),
  • Text alignment,
  • Tables.

The menu appears in the same way as the application menu.

The tool bar

To display the toolbar, call the context menu (right click or Ctrl+click for MacOS) and click on Show / hide the toolbar.
To know the function of icons, place the mouse over the icon and wait, a tooltip will appear.

Files, copy, cut, paste, undo, redo
Char format
Paragraph alignment
Table management

Keyboard shorcuts

Functions directly from the keyboard.


  • Show / hide the toolbar:

The format of fonts:

  • Bold: Ctrl+B (B Bold)
  • Italic: Ctrl+I
  • Underline: Ctrl+U (U for Underline)
  • Strikethrough a draft:
  • Change color:
  • Change the font:

Alignment of text:

  • Align Right: Ctrl+R (R for Right)
  • Align Left Ctrl+L (L for Left)
  • Center: Ctrl+E
  • Justify: Ctrl+J


  • Add a table:
  • Add a line:
  • Add a column:
  • Merge cells:
  • Split a cell
  • Table format:
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