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Advanced printing with user documents

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Setting headers, footers and watermarks printing

  • FreeMedForms allows you to define different user documents for printing.
  • Documents are user groups headers, footers and watermarks defined by the user.
  • These documents may contain rich text and tables. For more information see text editor.
  • The groups include:
    • Documentation for generic impressions (used by default)
    • Documents for printing of prescribing
    • Documents for printing of administrative letters

Edit and view

  • In the application preferences, section General / User, edit the text in the text box provided for the documents. Right click will bring up a menu with options for formatting characters and paragraphs as well as options for tables.
  • You can click on Update preview to see the result in the framing for this purpose.
  • An option to auto update the preview is available.

Use the token engine

Available tokens

For developers: tokens can be found in the file /plugins/coreplugin/constants_tokensandsettings.h Please check modifications to constants_tokenandsettings.h regularly and modify documentation accordingly.

User tokens

Token Comment
{{~User.Age.DateOfBirth~}} Date of birth
{{~User.Age.FullAge~}} Full age: years, months, days
{{~User.Age.YearsOld~}} Age in years
{{~User.Identity.FullName~}} Full name (title + last name + first name)
{{~User.Identity.Title~}} Title
{{~User.Identity.UsualName~}} Last name
{{~User.Identity.OtherNames~}} Other name
{{~User.Identity.FirstName~}} First name
{{~User.Professional.Specialties~}} Specialties
{{~User.Professional.Identifiants~}} Professional identifiers
{{~User.Professional.Qualifications~}} Professional skills
{{~User.Contact.Mail~}} Email
{{~User.Contact.Tel1~}} Phone number 1
{{~User.Contact.Tel2~}} Phone number 2
{{~User.Contact.Tel3~}} Phone number 3
{{~User.Contact.Fax~}} Fax
{{~User.Contact.FullAddress~}} Full address (text)
{{~User.Contact.FullContact~}} Full contact details (text)
{{~User.Contact.FullAddress.Html~}} Full address (HTML)
{{~User.Contact.FullContact.Html~}} Full contact details (HTML)
{{~User.Contact.Street~}} Address : Street
{{~User.Contact.Zipcode~}} Address : zip code
{{~User.Contact.City~}} Address : City
{{~User.Contact.State~}} Address : State
{{~User.Contact.Country~}} Address : Country
2014/03/17 12:25

Patient tokens

  • Tokens related to the patient
Token Meaning
{{~Patient.Age.DateOfBirth~}} Date of birth
{{~Patient.Age.FullAge~}} Age
{{~Patient.Age.YearsOld~}} Age in years
{{~Patient.Age.DateOfDeath~}} Date of Death
{{~Patient.Identity.FullName~}} Full Name (titles, last names, first names)
{{~Patient.Identity.Title~}} Title
{{~Patient.Identity.UsualName~}} Common Last name
{{~Patient.Identity.OtherNames~}} Other last names
{{~Patient.Identity.FirstName~}} First name(s)
{{~Patient.Contact.Mail~}} Email
{{~Patient.Contact.Tels~}} Phone number
{{~Patient.Contact.Fax~}} Fax
{{~Patient.Contact.MobilePhone~}} Mobile Phone number
{{~Patient.Address.FullAddress~}} Full address in plain text
{{~Patient.Address.FullContact~}} Full contact details in plain text
{{~Patient.Address.FullAddress.Html~}} Full address in HTML
{{~Patient.Address.FullContact.Html~}} Full contact details in HTML
{{~Patient.Address.Street~}} Address : Street
{{~Patient.Address.Zipcode~}} Address : Zip code
{{~Patient.Address.City~}} Address : City
{{~Patient.Address.State~}} Address : State
{{~Patient.Address.Country~}} Address : Country
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumber~}} Social security number (1)
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumber2~}} Social security number (2)
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumber3~}} Social security number (3)
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumber4~}} Social security number (4)
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumbers~}} Social security numbers (all)
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumberOwnerName~}} Social security number (Name of owner)
{{~Patient.Insurance.SocialNumberOwnerAddress~}} Social security number (Address of owner)
{{~Patient.Metrics.WeightInGrams~}} Weight in grams
{{~Patient.Metrics.HeightInCentimeters~}} Height in centimeters
{{~Patient.Biology.CreatininClearanceInMlMin~}} Creatinin clearance in milliliter per minute
{{~Patient.Biology.CreatininClearance~}} Creatinin clearance (units not defined)
{{~Patient.Drugs.ChronicTherapeutics.xml~}} Long-term medication (FreeDiams XML prescription)
{{~Patient.Drugs.ChronicTherapeutics.html~}} Long-term medication (HTML)
2019/07/14 18:54
  • Tokens related to the print process
    • [[DOCUMENTTITLE]] : Title of the document (ex: Prescription, Patient file…)
    • [[DATE]] : Date of printing
2014/03/17 12:25

Drugs and prescription tokens

Etiquettes Représentation
{{~Prescription.Drug.brandname~}} Proprietary name or INN
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Quantity.Full~}} Complete order
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Quantity.From~}} minimum prescribed dose
{{}} maximum prescribed dose
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Quantity.Scheme~}} pharmaceutical formulation (tab, capsule, powder)
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Meal~}} relation with food or meal
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Period.Full~}} frequency and interval of time (take one tab –> [one time per day])
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Period.Value~}} frequency (take one tab –> [one] time per day)
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Period.Scheme~}} interval of time (take one tab –> one time per [day])
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Duration.Full~}} full duration
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Duration.From~}} minimum prescribed duration “from”
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Duration.To~}} maximum prescribed duration “to”
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Duration.Scheme~}} duration scheme
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Route~}} route of administration
{{~Prescription.Protocol.DailyScheme.Distributed~}} distribution of intake during the day (1 tab in the morning, 2 tabs in the evening)
{{~Prescription.Protocol.DailyScheme.Repeated~}} time of administration (single repeated dose): 1 tab: morning, noon, evening
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Quantity.MinInterval.Full~}} Minimum time interval between doses: complete text
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Quantity.MinInterval.Value~}} Minimum time interval between doses: value
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Quantity.MinInterval.Scheme~}} Minimum time interval between doses: unit
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Refill~}} Number of refills
{{~Prescription.Protocol.Note~}} Note
2014/03/17 12:25

Form tokens

You can access the label and the data of any widget (item) inside the form (record or chart):


The unique identifier of the item it the full name of the item.

Example: clinical letter

{{{{~Form.Label.Subforms::Generic::Clinical::Letter::Carbon::Copy::Group~}} <!--will extract the current label associated with the item (with current translation--><li>~Form.Data.Print.Subforms::Generic::Clinical::Letter::CC1::LineEdit~</li>}}
{{<li>~Form.Data.Print.Subforms::Generic::Clinical::Letter::CC2::LineEdit~</li>}}<!--will extract the printable data of the form item uuid "Subforms::Generic::Clinical::Letter::CC2::LineEdit"-->
2016/10/15 03:55 · Jérôme Pinguet
2014/03/17 12:25
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