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The print engine

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High quality printing

Whatever your equipment, FreeDiams is configured for maximum use of its capabilities.
The prints are fast, smooth and clean.

Custom printing

The print engine can print your documents with:

  • One or more headers
  • One or more footers
  • One or more watermarks

The headers and footers are texts composed in HTML directly within the application or using your usual HTML editor. They may contain rich text and images. Text editor documentation.

Watermarks are indelible background that allow rapid identification of document types. They can be either:

  • Text compound
  • Pictures
  • Added to all pages
  • Added to the odd or even pages
  • Added only to duplicate

For prescriptions, a watermark is added to duplicatas just to indicate that this is a duplicata and not the original document.

Caching prints

It is possible to automatically store, as PDF, copies of all print jobs in a user-selected cache directory. This enhances the traceability of impressions. See this Preference.

The print engine can print two pages per sheet without any extra-configuration required of your printer driver.

Save in PDF format

When you want to keep a printable copy of your prescriptions, you can save them in PDF format. To do so:

  • Click the PDF button
  • Select the directory and type the file name in the dialog
  • Validate the file dialog
  • Click on Print

You don't have to worry about printers. The file will be created automatically.

Before printing you can see the result.

Print previewShortcut to Print preview

The Print dialog

PrintShortcut to PrintCtrl+P ou Cmd+P
New print dialog with 2 n-up featureNew print dialog with 2 n-up feature
New print dialog with 2 n-up featureNew print dialog with 2 n-up feature
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