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Submit a new drugs database


  • You are an user of the FreeMedForms/FreeDiams application.
  • There are no drugs database available for your country.
  • You know how and where to find raw sources. You can submit:
    • a link to the raw datas
    • or develop yourself the database creator code (and share it with us).
  • In both case, the data source must meat the following requirements to be included in the FreeMedForms/FreeDiams project.

Raw data source specifications


  • Datas should be published by governmental organizations.


  • Datas must be freely accessible without (string) license restriction.


  • Datas must be updated regularly.
  • Drugs description must contains:
    • molecular composition of each drugs or at least the name of the active substances
    • a link to an ATC code for each component can help a lot in the drug database processing
  • Drugs should be identified with a field persistent in time
  • A link to a Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) or the SPC itself
    • SPC can be included inside the FreeDiams/FreeMedForms drugs database


  • Datas must be released in an open format (CSV, XML, SQL or equivalent) or in a easily accessible format (dBaseIII). Closed formats should be avoided (Access database for eg).


  • The team must have a referent MD to help the community on maintening the drugs database and the interactions database for the source. This referent will have to send to the FreeMedForms team updates notes and have to help on the drugs interaction engine based on its datas. A specific application is beeing developed to ease this part of the job: FreeToolBox.


There are several methods to achieve a compatible drugs database. Once the raw datas are correctly identified, the team can start the development of the drugs database creator. All drug database creation are automated by the FreeToolBox application with the aim to limit the time of human labor during database creation/update.

So you have several options:

  • Report to the team and ask FreeMedForms for the development of your database. This may take several months depending on the availability of developers.
  • Create your own code to create the database. Please, let us know what you are doing on our mailing list and get for additional information.
  • Pay a independent developer known by the FreeMedForms team to do the job. Same here, use the mailing list
  • All the code must be open source and external developers must sign a CLA before injecting any code to the FreeMedForms project.


  • Data should be published by governmental organizations.
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