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Templates allow one or more prescriptions (regular and pure text) to be saved together for easy re-use:

  • multi-drug regimens, commonly used to treat infections like Mycobacteria and Helicobacter pylorii and also in eye and cancer treatments, are made easier with templates
  • drugless “Pure text” notes, as templates, can be useful for patient education or quick reference

After templates have been created, they can be partly edited (and otherwise managed) from the Templates manager window (see screenshot). Templates can be organized under user-defined categories, and moved between categories. You can have categories inside categories.

Some template behaviours can be set in the preferences. See Template manager settings.

Creating templates

When your prescription is ready to be made into a template, click the “book” icon above the prescription pane:

Icon representing template creationCreate a template

or, use the Templates > Create a new template command.

The FreeDiams – Template creation window will open. Into this, you will want to:

  1. provide a name for the new template
  2. optionally select a category under which to file the new template
  3. optionally adjust the summary information (which does not appear in the prescription)

(Creating and managing categories is done from the Templates manager window.)

Template creationTemplate creation

Templates manager window

The Templates manager window is opened from the Templates>Templates menu.

By default, it will open into the right side of the application window, but it can be moved between the right and left sides, or fully outside the application window. When it is outside the application window, double-clicking on the manager titlebar will dock it back inside the application window.

Inside the manager are shown collapsible parent categories, as well as any templates that have been created. A setting exists in the preferences if you wish these to always expand when FreeDiams launches.

At the bottom of the manager window is a bar with tool icons. The “+” will create a new category and the “-” will remove any item selected (category or template) and – if a category is selected – will remove ALL items within the category.

Using and Quick printing templates

Templates can be loaded via drag-and-drop onto the prescription pane, where any component can be edited for the current patient. You cannot save these changes into the existing template, but you can create a new template with a different name, and then decide whether to keep or delete the older template.

You can instead directly print one or more templates. For a multiple selection, use Ctrl+left-click. Next, click the Templates manager Printer icon or select 'Print' from the contextual menu. FreeDiams will prompt whether to combine what is in the templates or to print them as separate documents.

Renaming, moving and editing templates and categories

Categories and template names can be edited in place, with a double-click.

Categories and template names can be dragged and dropped into a different category, where the moved items will appear at the bottom. You can move an entire section of the tree, or one item at a time.

Editing the names and hierarchies – and also editing of the Summary – can be achieved by opening an item into the Template edition window. This can be done by using the bottom bar “edit” tool or by a right-click and choosing the contextual menu “Edit”.

Viewing coded content

The coded data embedded within the template (used to reconstruct prescriptions) is not the same as the Summary. You can view, but not edit, this data from inside the Template edition window. Do as you would to edit the template and, in the 'Template edition' window, click the 'View Content' button.

Locking / Unlocking the Manager

You can lock the manager with the 'lock' icon on the bottom bar manager. Locking it still allows to use the templates, but not to modify or reorder them. When editing templates, unlock them and relock them when editing is completed to ensure a better functioning of the manager.

Templates locked - click to unlockTemplates locked - click to unlock
Templates unlocked - click to lockTemplates unlocked - click to lock
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