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Utiliser FreeDiams avec un serveur de données externes

Cette fonctionnalité est disponible depuis la version 0.4.0 de FreeDiams.

Personnal data server settings

This page is up-to-date.

All FreeMedForms software allow you to use two kind of usage:

  • a local only usage (databases are only present on your computer)
  • a nomad and/or shared usage (many computers with the same databases)

The default

All FreeMedForms apps are configurated to work on local databases only. You can change this mode in the Preferences.

Using an external server

The following servers are available:

  • MySQL

You can set the server's params in Preferences/General.
You can test the connection's params with the Test connection button.
When you validate the dialog, all databases will be refreshed according your settings.

Concerned databases:

  • Personnal protocols
  • Personnal templates

Paramétrage du serveur externe

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