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Uninstall applications

Uninstall applications

  • To uninstall FreeHealth EHR, use the usual uninstall method of your operating system:
    • Windows: click “Uninstall” in the Start menu
    • Linux: use your package manager
    • Mac: delete application from Applications directory

Purge data

Proceed with caution! Purging data is irreversible. All patient records will be permanently deleted.

For both network mode and single user mode

Delete the following directories in your home directory:

FreeHealth EHR

  • .freemedforms (contains all data in single-computer mode)
  • freemedforms


  • .freediams
  • freediams


  • .freeaccount
  • freeaccount


  • .freeicd
  • freeicd

If you installed in network mode

  • You also need to delete the following FreeHealth MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin or the MySQL drop command:
    • fmf_agenda
    • fmf_alerts
    • fmf_category
    • fmf_dosages
    • fmf_episodes
    • fmf_patients
    • fmf_pmh
    • fmf_templates
    • fmf_users
    • fmf_xmlforms
  • delete the 4 MySQL users called fmf_admin to prevent bugs during future installations
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