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Installation: network mode with database server

This page needs update and review.
  • This page will guide you through the multiple computers network mode aka “Network mode”.
  • If you work in a group practice, if you have an assistant or if you want to be able to access your medical records from multiple locations through secure internet connections (VPN, SSH tunnels), you should install in network mode.
  • In network mode, multiple clients running FreeMedForms (typically laptops or desktops) connect to a server storing medical records and other data.
  • Network mode requires installing and configuring a database server.
  • Supported database servers:

Configuring the network mode

Creating user

Create users

Select a patient central form

  • This step is crucial and is reversible after installation.
  • You must select the central medical form that fits your practice. This file is the basis for all patients. You will be able to consult, add subforms that will only be active for the selected patient at the time of the addition.
Select the central form
You can filter the forms

Last step

  • During the last, two options are available:
    • Clean databases already existing. The old database will be backed up. To recover, contact the development team
    • Create the virtual data. This option is used only for those wishing to test the software. This is mostly for our beta testers. These data do not disrupt the normal use of the software because it is possible, thanks to preferences, to ignore them.
Validate this page and you are done.

You are done

  • After a few seconds of work, FreeMedForms will display the login window.
  • Enter your user identifiants.
  • By default, FreeMedForms creates an administrator that can connect at any time with the following identifiers:
    • Login: fmf_admin
    • Password: fmf_admin
  • It is strongly recommended to change the password of this administrator. Read the documentation.
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