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Testing with virtual data

Testing virtual patient

  • FreeHealth offers you the opportunity to test its functionality with patients known as virtual. In application preferences, you can:
    • Create virtual patients
    • Hide virtual patients

Creating virtual patients

  • command line:
    $ ./freehealth --create-virtuals
  • Preferences
    • in main window menus, select Configuration/Preferences
    • in Preferences window: in left pane select General preferences/General then check “Allow and use virtual data”
  • Some of them are constants (identifiants, name…) to ease your tests:
    • Cpt Archer Jonathan, uid: ef97f37361824b6f826d5c9246f9dc49
    • Cpt Kirk James Tiberius, uid: b04936fafccb4174a7a6af25dd2bb71c
    • Cpt Picard Jean-Luc, uid: 2c49299b9b554300b46a6e3ef6d40a65
    • Cpt Janeway Kathryn, uid: 493aa06a1b8745b2ae6c79c531ef12a0

Hiding virtual patients

  • If you don't want to see virtual patient, disable them from the preferences.

Testing virtual users

Creating virtual users

  • Using command line or application preference.
  • Some are constants:
    • Uhura
      • login: uhura , password: uhura
      • user role: agendas
      • uid : 0f148ea3de6e47b8bbf9c2cedea47511
    • McCoy, Leonard
      • login: mccoy.leonard , password: mccoy.leonard
      • user role: all rights but software admin
      • uid : d1f29ad4a4ea4dabbe40ec888d153228
    • Phlox
      • login: phlox , password: phlox
      • user role: all rights but software admin
      • uid : b5caead635a246a2a87ce676e9d2ef4d
    • Chapel, Christine
      • login: chapel.christine , password: chapel.christine
      • user role: nurses role and agenda
      • uid : b94ad4ee401a4fada0bf29fc8f8f3597
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