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Send a bug report

  • There are two ways to report a problem:
    • using the “problem reporting assistant”
    • or using our debugging center.

The problem reporting assistant

  • You can quickly send a report to the dev team with our “problem reporting assistant”.
  • Get it from the menu Help / Send a report.
  • You just have to fill the form and answer yes to the documentation related question.
  • When the assistant is ready, all warning icons are replaced with valid icons.
Valid icon
Warning icon
Problem reporting assistant Problem reporting assistant

The debugging center

  • The debugging center allow you to collect all information for your problem solving.
  • Get it from the menu Help / Debugging tools.
  • You can create a journal by-hand clicking the Save log button. This journal can be requested by developers.
The debugging center The debugging center

The application crashes or does not start

  • Ask for help on the forum
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