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Using multiple drugs databases

FreeRx can use different sources for the drugs database.

The drugs database selector

FreeRx offers a specific widget to help user in configuring the drugs databases.
Go to Preferences/Drugs/Database Selector.

The database selector is divided into three areas.

  • The first one is half hidden by default. You can click on the eyes to toggle the view. This part allows user to add and remove path where FreeRx will search for new drugs database. The only file type accessible is “*.db” Database must conform to application requirements.
  • The second area show the available drugs databases found in the different path including the application resource path. You can select anyone of them.
  • The third area presents the informations of the drugs database.

When you select a different database, FreeRx verifies the absence of prescription being edited. If a prescription is being edited, you will be asked to delete it before database switch

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