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Introduce yourself

  • Please send a message to the mailing list
  • A few things we'd like to know about you:
    • Your name
    • What's your interest in the project?
    • Job, education, self-taught skills
    • Healthcare experience
    • Developer experience
    • Published papers or code?
    • How did you hear from us?
    • Programming languages
      • C++
      • Qt
      • JavaScript
      • Web skills HTML5, CSS3
    • Development platform, OS
    • MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB
    • Android development
    • Bash

If you want to become a code reviewer or a moderator, you will have to declare your competing interests (register on the wiki to get access to the form). Other contributors don't need to do this. We will review their contributions to make sure that they are meeting our guidelines regarding independence.

Feel free to send a pull request on GitHub! We have a “merge first, test, review and criticize after” contribution policy.

Thank you!

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