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FreeICD is a multilingual coding assistant for the International Classification of Diseases version 10 (ICD10).


The ICD10 is published by the WHO. WHO has the copyright of the license of the ICD10.
This classification is internationally used and translated in multiple languages.
You can find more information on the WHO web site.

This classification can be used to, between others:

  • code a medical event
  • code planned diseases
  • code the medical history of patients
  • determine a list of (in)compatible disease for an information (like drugs protocols)

Data source

FreeICD is released without any data. User must, by himself, recreate the database. Generally, this process is automatically done during the first startup of the application.

Data are issued from:

What FreeICD can do for you ?

In the initial release, FreeICD allow you to:

  • create a list of codes with or without management of the coding rules (daget, exclusions…)
  • save/open/print such lists
  • experiment a pleasant and modern interface

User manual

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