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Document manager plugin roadmap

Introduction && developers

The document manager should allow users to:

  • easily add documents in the patient records
  • easily search through these docs
  • add comments to docs
  • print docs && send them by mail

There should be many ways to add docs to the doc manager:

  • directory scanning and parsing (file are named by patient name → trying match, errors or missed ones are presented)
    • please ask Pierre-Marie for his parser code that can be a start
  • directly from scanner (multiOS: Mac, Linux, Win32) (code should be easy ! - no twain)
  • coming per Email/Inbox from other doctors/hospital


  • docs have
    • a type → ICPC-2 process code?
    • [a category (see also the Category plugin)] user defined tags (more universal, easier to implement)
    • a status → ?
    • a priority → ?
    • a synthesis text (see also the TextEditor plugin)
    • owner (patient)
    • author (eg radiologist for xray)
    • creator (of the document entry)
    • optionally encrypted?
  • docs can
    • be various file format
    • be printed with or w/o synthesis text and informations as described above
    • PDF: extract text and add text as metadata for search engine
    • be OCR'ed (multiOs purpose → CuneiForm)
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