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I see FreeHealth as a common platform for other EHR projects. It should contain the basic building blocks for a full fledged EHR.

Healthcare software developers will find a free (as in freedom and as in free of charge), simple, proven and universal base upon which they will be able to quickly and cheaply build specific EHR solutions fitting their needs in terms of:

  • health profession
  • health specialty
  • structure
  • country
  • language

Forking will be encouraged. We should simplify the forking process by making all necessary elements easily available and reproducible:

  • wiki
  • documentation
  • code
  • building process

Projects based on FreeHealth, both non profit and for profit, will be encouraged and helped as long as they respect the GPL terms and are ready to share their source code with us. We will not try to centralize or influence derivatives, instead, we will take back new ideas and code and improve the common framework.

We should aim to become a truly free, open source, international and decentralized Electronic Health Record framework.

Ready to use basic EHR

Aiming to become a successful framework shouldn't prevent us from offering a ready to use basic EHR both for testing purposes and for direct use (structures that don't need or can't afford the extra development effort).

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